[Archive] Bull Centaur conversion


I thought Is share this, an old conversion I made when the Hell Cannon came out and you could still buy bits direct from GW. Hope you like it.




Ah, perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those models combined before.

Thommy H:

Yeah, I really like that. NMM is good too - not the best I’ve seen technically speaking, but it has a really nice impressionist vibe. I’d love to see a unit of these.


Very nice. The hellcannon crew are great models shame you can’t get them separately these days.


I originally planned a unit but then they stopped selling individual components and the project fell by the wayside after the test models.

It also happened to be my entry for Golden Daemon in Atlanta a few years ago.




Really good conversion, and quite good NMM painting. Too bad that GW removed their individual bits service. Me and my brother bought quite some stuff from it in the past, and the OOP Bull Centaur bodies as well as the Hellcannon crewmen would have come in handy indeed now.


Looks good, both the model and painting!

Da Crusha:

very nice I think I have see that model before somewhere online, either that or the exact same conversion.


I posted it when I first completed it on what was The Hand of Hashut forum along with a load of WIP shots in the run up to games day, so you may have seen it then.




Very nice conversion - cool idea! :hat off

Could you post some more pics?!

I would like to see more details! :wink: