[Archive] bull centaur ( Not mine)

Kera foehunter:

well while surfing the net i found this cool bull centaur so here you go


i know i was just looking at it some guy sculpted it its so rad


Ohh I see you found that too :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

wow that cool we all think a like .Damn i seen this ,i could only dream to have green stuff skills like this.


wow that cool we all think a like .Damn i seen this ,i could only dream to have green stuff skills like this.

Kera foehunter
Me too, the person who have those skills - is a GS master :o

caos dwrf:

yay green bull of doom

naw but realy that is amazin

i wish i had skill like that

(over hearing tv say "and now you can just send in 50,000,000 slaves in the next 5 mins and well not only give u amazin gs skill but we will also throw in a life time supply of green stuff… now if only i had 50,000,000 slaves oh well il just have to get good the oldfashioned way… steel from our dwarf bros…


That is indeed cool but something doesnt quite seem right with the scale. Its a bit off me thinks…

Hashut’s Blessing:

I swear this has come up before because I remember replying to the thread :smiley: Oh well, it won;t hurt to leave this one open, but if the other one is threadomancered, one shall be closed. As for the scale, it’s because the bull is somehwat to big when compared to the size of the human part… Also, the front shins seem to be slightly too long. Otherwise, GREAT model. However, the two bodies difference is actually accurate to scaling them down…

Kera foehunter:

its still a cool figure butt!!! where"s the tail

Zhatan the Black:

yeah its really nicely done but the scale off the dwarf is far too small for the bull

but still looks really sexy ^^


the chaos dwarf is really good, shame about the size of the moo half

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would assume the tail goes around the other side, Kera. Or it hasn;t been added yet. Thing is guys and gals, the bull is in scale, the human is in scale. It’s just that when added together, they don;t look right at the right scales.

Anyone else feel bad for the women being donkey-kicked in the breasts? She’s even looking the other way when the guy’s doing it!


To be fair one hoof is going to her face, I supose thats not much concillation…


The bull part is well sculpted, but with too much striated muscle for my liking.  Although the human/ dwarf parts are well sculpted, the design looks a little too much like a crusader knight IMO.

The shoulder pad is cool, I may have to steal that idea.

If they covered the bull parts in fluted armour like that, replaced the helmet with something more CD themed and gave him a nice long beard he’d be quite nice.

The pose would make him more appropriate for a display piece than one ranked up (which way would he face?)


Have anyone see if he/she got it completed???

Kera? anyone?