[Archive] Bull centaur WIP


Hey all… Having some experiences with the green stuff, I wanted to try if i could make a decent bull centaur. Decided to use this slayer model as the upper body:

then i made the bull-torso: used piece of styrofoam (or whatever it’s called) to get the shape and then wrapped it in gs and added some wires for the legs.

While the gs was hardening, I put some effort into the slayer model and cut the legs off, used my chirurgeonic skills for his face and finally put a hat on him.

After the gs torso was hardened, I added some more gs to get the shapes of the muscles (I wanted this to be very muscular bull body), added hooves and put the bottom and upper halves together:

Still requires work to be called ready, but i think it may be quite nice when it’s done. Btw, I can’t decide if I’ll make scale armor for him or just some loincloth armor. What do you guys suggest?

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s looking very good so far. You can see it all coming together very well! As for armour choice, I think scale mail would look cool around the join of bull and dwarf, maybe going along his back and slightly down the sides, as for the main armour, I think continuity would be best there, so some more scale mail, even if it’s a different material (leather or gold instead of the iron on the bull, as an example).

Kera foehunter:

love your slayer idea .great job also great hat too


Looks great so far. I’d say a sort of combination for the armour, ie loin cloth style at front and some chainmail for his back (to counter all those high arching arrows)

Looking forward to an update


looks good especially considering you used one of my favorite slayer models


That´s a good start, looking forward to see the end result.


Needs to have a torso…