[Archive] Bull Centaurs(1)



I was just thinking you could use the bodies of the new cold one riders and use the torso of a dwarf?

Advice please


Hmm, they wouldn’t be very bullish would they…


what do you think about a conversion of spiders body and chaos warriors torso into spidercentaurs? i 'm working on it…


check the conversions section Kera has already done some.


i think they might be a little too big for a Dwarf torso especially since many people seem to be converting them into dragon ogres.

Kera foehunter:

Author those would be cool for dragon ogre!! ogre are the only thing big to fit the torso.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The cold ones idea reminds me of what I’m doing. I’m using cold ones as mounts for my hobgoblins. I was going to proxy them as bull centaurs for a tournament, but was swamped with research and so couldn’t paint…


not sure how i feel about that conversion. cold ones are slower, stupid, and stronger than wolves. kinda miss representative IMO.

as far as the bull centaurs, if you can explain the scales in fluff and make the conversion work, go for it!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, they could all be males, bull being male, then if you have nay female centaur conversions, they’d be cow centaurs maybe? Not as in cow the animal, but as in representative of their sex.

OFF-T: Malificant, these have learnt to adapt to the harsh wastes and so are more intelligent to learn how to survive, swifter to get into shelter and away from danger and less strong as a result.


I’m think this they’re called “Bull Centaurs”, not cold one centaurs… :wink: