[Archive] Bull centaurs(4)


So I am currently converting a lot of skull pass stuff into chaos dwarfs and I am now thinking about how to build my army. One thing I am sertain of is that I am going to use a lot of units of hobgoblins. Both units of 30 with light armour sheild and small units of 10 with no upgrades.

I would really like to use a large unit of bull centaurs, backed up by 2-3 characters. What is your experience with this type of unit?

I was thinking:

15? Bull centaurs with full command (and warbanner?)

Bull centaur lord Magic weapon =no save and 1+ armour save

Bull centaur hero Gauntlets and great weapon OR

Hobgoblin hero on wolf with black gem?

What do you think?


I think that you should use the Bull Centaur hero, they rock… Great Calvary to.

As to converting them, i have no idea… maby sculpting one.


Yeah, I tried to make one from the grudge pony. (I would really like to have an all-bfsp-army) It looked ok, not good, but ok.


Superfella did some good ones. He used gondor horse bodies with ungor legs. I’m sure theres a tutorial in the conversions threads.


thanks for the plug there fella.

yeah my conversion guide is in the conversion threads, they worked well.

have only used them in a 500 point game so far, they did exeptionally well at that level but i havent tried them in larger games.

15 seems like a bit of a points sink though… are you sure you want to field that many in one unit?

after all, arent they meant to be fairly rare and not get too involved with anything other than religion?

Border Reiver:

A unit of 15 with full command and heavy armour is 360 points before you add in any characters or magic. This kind of hammer unit is going to be a rather noticable fire magnet, and BCs just don’t ahve the Armour save to survive the amount of punishment that will be sent their way. Smaller units of 5, maybe with a champion or a musician held back of the main line and used to flank units already in combat would be a better use of this particular troop type.