[Archive] Bull Centaurs and Hobgoblins


Well, it’s been a long, long, long, long time since I last posted on this forum… but under lockdown I’ve had the Chaos Dwarf bug again!

Bull Centaurs converted with a command group and great weapons:

Hobgoblins with bows, and Wolf Raiders (I’ve finished off the back rank since this photo but you get the idea):

Hope you like!


Very fancy models! Maybe you should post them in the new forum, because there is not so much going on here anymore! Here is the Link!



Hi Bitterman, something wonderful has happened, as Zanko points out. Lovely work here, besides.

We finally discovered forum software with the functions we needed, and so CDO has been reborn and reinvigorated with regrowing membership numbers. It’s all great, the new Discourse CDO Forum actually sport direct image upload! Crucial function in order for us to stand the test of time. :slight_smile:

Please join us there and repost your glorious Bull Centaur images in a project log! All treasures on old CDO will be transferred to the new site in due time, but in the meanwhile all activity has moved over to the new, better site.