[Archive] Bull Centaurs command champion and musician conversion help needed

Mad Dave:

I was wondering if anyone has any pics/links of the old musician and  champion for the old Bull Centaurs figures or any pics of conversions people have done them selfs.

Or any ideas for a nice simple conversion.


If you have the old ones, take a musician CD, and cut it in half (the hornblower or the drummer). Or you can give to a standard BC a music instrument : the one of the bloodletter for example, or something like it easy to insert in a hand.

For the champion, there is already an old champion BC mini.

BCs lack only a musician model.


I took this guy:


Strapped a drum to his belt and put a beater in his left hand. Very easy to do.


These are some that a little known member of the community did: Thommy H’s bull centaurs.


Check my sig, There’s a unit of Bull centaurs I just did there with Full command. I just stuck on a horn from the chaos warrior sprue for the musician.