[Archive] Bull Centaurs, do they get the Parry save?


I tried to search for this but can’t see it anywhere.

As they are Monstrous Beasts do they get a parry save if equipped with HW&S?



Da Crusha:

I wouldn’t see why not. in the parry save section of the rulebook there are no stipulations that only infantry receive a parry save.


Thanks, that’s what I thought but just wanted to double check.

Are there any other monstrous beasts that can even take the hand weapon and shield combination? I was trying to think but can’t come up with any.



Hashut’s Blessing:

The rules are such that everyone gts the parry save if armed correctly and under the right conditions (no special weapon, fighting to the front, in combat, etc) and anyone who doesn’t has the exception noted (e.g. cavalry).