[Archive] Bull Centaurs on Cavalry or Monstrous Base?


So with the Legion of Azgorh list Bull centaurs are monstrous beasts. Asuming the new models will be on 50x50mm bases how do you think this will change their effectiveness compared to using current cavalry 25x50mm based Bull Centaurs?

The Poll is to see what you would prefer the base size to be.

The obvious main point is that your frontage is doubling. Which against a standard infantry block shouldn’t mean you have any less models in base to base contact but it will probably mean you recieve more attacks back.

Another point I think may make a large difference is against template weapons and spells. The unit area would be bigger meaning it’s easier to hit but the actual models will be spread out more allowing less to be hit. For example a 3" template against a unit of 6 cavalry based in 3x2 formation will hit all the unit. Against 50x50 base size in 3x2 it should only hit four of the unit.

So my main question is how do you see the base size change effectiveness and how will you change your tactics for Bull Centaurs?

Thommy H:

This topic has already been covered very comprehensively.


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