[Archive] Bull Centaurs unit size


I’ve created a 2500pt list which consists of



Hobgob Khan on wolf


28 infernal guard

2x20 hobgob archers

2xmagma cannon (hellbound)

1xDeathshrieker (hellbound)

3xBull Centaurs

and Kdaii Destroyer

Should I drop something somewhere and add more BC’s, or is a unit of three good enough to harass any flankers,I haven’t listed any magic items, but can adjust them if I need to to add more BC’s, my main concern is if the one Hobgob Khan is worth taking(I can always drop him and add another BC), or remove the hellbound options from the warmachines.



A fairly typical list. I’d drop all the hellbounds and get another wolf khan. You can always give him a cheap magic weapon if you’re bothered by ethereals, the daemonsmith can help out as well with magic missiles in that regard.

I’ve found three bull centaurs do just fine. With 3 wounds, high toughness and a decent armour save, they’re hard to shift - you just need to be carefull what you do with them, they aren’t going to roll over units in a turn. The other option is to boost the unit size up to six, but you’d have to drop a warmachine to do that.


3 Centaurs are OK to a support unit for charges against flank (against units retained by Infernal Guard). I prefer that to big units for the cost, but a unit of six is a good option. It depends of what do you want to do with them.


My 3 bull centaurs always die and never make up points =/

Mad Dave:

If im playing 2K pts i go for 5 BC inc cmd i just let them charge at anything down the flanks. If im playing 2500pts or more i tend to go for 5+char and tag team them with a Iron Daemon worked for me in the past.

Looking at the list id personally Drop the Kharn/hobgoblins and destroyer get another block of CD/Blunderbusts and some Deathshrikers and a daemon smith and increase your BC to 5 maybe add a Char to them and give them GW . but thats just My view.


I always play unit of 3 with standard (cause we play with scenario which need banner to win) and shield, and it’s a unit which performs pretty well.
Just make the statistics, but you will see that it’s a unit which wins against many foes : every S3 T3 units without standard, many monster if charging, etc…

I have also played units of 6 FC with great weapons (not the same goal, but do pretty well too), and unit of 6 with shield, musician and standard + tauruk (the unit which was the most impressive… Takes no wound, does 3-4 thanks to the tauruk, and win close combat…)

In your list, I won’t play so many hellbound (no hellbound on the deathshrieker), except if you already know that you will play VC…