[Archive] bull taurus


Looking over ebay I found what could be a little gem, Chaos dwarf taurus paint jobs not a lot of good but a can of nitro moors will sort that out for you

but like I said a can of nitro moors but still the item can be found here

Bulll taurus


… “cool” paintjob! :smiley:

But where are the wings? Without wings the Bull looks a bit ridiculous! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nonetheless very low-priced if you like in the UK! :mad



Just replace the wings with Balrog Wings- Only 1 day 20 hours left for bids!


Balrog wings are way too big. I’d go with dragon, dark pegasus or bloodthirster.


are people here bidding? cos I love a good bargain even if my own Taurus is nearly finished. (please tell me you’ll start bidding, or I have to buy it and i dont need it)


Im not bidding but the price alone with time to go drew my attention. But like I said a pot of all purpose paint remover and your laugthing.


Ooooh someone made a bid…