[Archive] bullcentaures: how to use them

Alan the evil:

Hi all.

I’m wondering how do you use your BC units (if you use them).

Actually I use 5 BCs with heavy armour and GW.

But there are some questions for all forum


I alredy say that I use 5 models. But I’m thinkink to improve their number up to 6/7. It could be good for you to use a bigger unit, maybe with 8/10 models to have the possibility to have a +1 combat result by the rank?


I suppose that a champion it’s not a good idea: if I charge a single hero model, if have not space to move the champion away from base contact to him, I’m compelled to accept a challenge loosing my impact strenght. But a musician could help to rally them up to Ld 10 and standard could give me another +1 to combat result (and if i use them with a rank and warbanner,how swissdictator do, thay could have +3 on combat result)


I’m enough sure that HA is a must. But do you think it’s better to equip them with GW or additional hand weapon? And do you ever use them in close combat with 3+ of AS?

thanks of all for any replay


Hi, it was a while since I’ve seen you online!

With Swedish and French guys uprising we Italians shall preserve our position here :slight_smile:

About your questions my two cents:

1) I’m stucked to five. 110 points for a unit able to move 16", deliver 2S6 attacks or 3s4 attacks, D9 is a really good bargain.

Being so cheap (cheaper than hobgoblin wolfriders) they could act as hammers/flankers but also as baiters! In my last battle against WoC they spent the battle baiting Chaos Knights and preventing Chaos marauders to charge my fragile stuff. With D9 you’re pretty sure they’ll always regroup.

Being so cheap they are also expendable.

Enemy wizards magicked them to death? Oh fine, my other stuff is safe! :slight_smile:

2) Dunno, I toyed for a while with idea of a champion but I discharded the idea for the same reasons you quoted.

Musician? They have D9… I’m confident they’ll regroup. in any case I do think my Taurus lord would be so far…

Banner? OK with large units of 10 but for 5… to easy to loose the unit and waste points. They also loose some tactical options being no more expendable (aka preventing sucide charges… you do not want to loose 100 VP plus 110 unit points).

If I used the banner I’d toy with a unit of 6, banner and warbanner.

3) Heavy armor is mandatory, Im wondering if anyone use them without… non sense!

Weapon choice is always interesting. Normally I do use GW for 2 S6 attacks but when I see a large mass of greenskins, rats, skellies I cannot resist to use 2 HW. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they do not get the +1 armor save for HW plus shield, They are not infantry

Alan the evil:

hi giacomo

i was travelling in these months and i gonna do it until spring… but i have this month for some tournaments and so i’m back!

i answer to you point by point.

1. I already say that I use them as you (but they cost 105, not 110!!). But I was looking to a swiss’ armylist in wich he used them in a big unit with command and war banner and i’m pretty interested to test it mainly because I need something fast and furios to scare enemy!! They are in HtH combat in second turn and i’m not too scare about first turn of magic. And if they are many and smartly moved they coul be a great menace with +3 on combat result and 10 S6 or 15 S4 attacks!! they can defeat anyone! but I’d like to have some report by someone alredy use them in this way.

2. about musician: don’t understimate that single Ld point on rally tests! lots of time i’d liked to have it… and sometimes I drawed HtH combat result and I complain music absence. In a 6 models unit i should prefear musician than standard even for the 100 pt it worths if it’s captured

3. i read somewhere in the forum that BCs are cavalry models that use infantry rules and that they have +1 armor save if they use ordinary weapons and shields… and for the same reason they have +2 bonus strenght with GW instead than +1 like ordinary cavalry…

alla prossima


  1. you’re right, in my last list I switched their points with earthshaker point value. Well actually the sum was 105 + 110 so nobody could complain :wink:

    A big unit of bulls is something to be scared! In a unit of 8-10 I approve the banner.

    2) yes musician is something to think about… but 15 points is not cheap… if I had space I’d fill it in

    3) Yes, somewhere there are the official (?) FAQ about bulls… I use to play them as unit strenght 2, no armor save bonus at all (no infantry bonus, no cavalry bonuses) but using weapons like infantry. I do not have anything to support this but nobody ever complained.


I had great results using them as Bassman. Keeping them near the back, they are great for seeing off fast cavalry or anything else that may threaten the sides or rear of the army. In the end of the battle they can even make a good sacrificial unit to keep big and scary units from charging into your meatier warriors or blunderbusses, and they stand half a chance of doing damage too. I had a single BC left from the unit once, and he took on two units and won both times!

I’m not sure what you mean by D9. Ld9?


I'm not sure what you mean by D9. Ld9?

Ooops, sorry. D9 means Ld9... it's Italian ;P

Alan the evil:

I had a single BC left from the unit once, and he took on two units and won both times!
lucky you cornixt!!
in the last tournament my single BC left charged an imperial cannon...
he didn't kill anyone but the handlers killed him!!x.x


Yes, people sometimes underestimate how fragile are bull centaurs. They are T4 As5+ after all… it’s really important to charge and be 100% they are not stuck in combat… otherwise they’ll die pretty quickly.


They are, next to Empire knights, the best cavalry in the game IMO. They are cheap enough to be used as bait, but I can’t help but feel that their potential is wasted that way. Get a unit of 6-7 to charge and they are completely devastating, add in a full command and a war banner and this unit will be able to deal with anything except ASF High Elves as long as you keep them intact. I try to protect them with Hobbo wolf riders and LOS-blocking terrain.


I take 10, with Heavy Armour, Shields, Great Weapons, Champion and Standard with the War Banner. I would take a musician too if I had a suitable model.

I find they move fast and hit very hard (add a character for extra hittyness). But they are suceptable to being shot, and protracted combats should be avoided at all costs.

I haven’t had much success with smaller units, as the inevitable shooting/magic ,issile takes a few out and removes their effectiveness, whereas with 10 I can lose a few and they still work.


I usually use 5-6 with no command and keep my expectations low.

I have played swiss and I found his unit of 7 with warbanner and standard to be a very tough unit. Don’t expect the world of them, but they will dominate a flank.