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"…from the second game turn onwards, at the start of each turn a Toughness test must be made for each K’daai unit…"

So according to Page 12 - a “turn” means "player turn"

So Turn 1 is played by both parties, then from the second Game turn, first Player’s turn, you test - and each player turn onward - for both players. So up to 10 tests in a game of 6 Game turns.

Is this how its played?


No, the FAQ say :

“Q: Do I roll for the K’daii Burning Bright rule at the start of each player turn?

A : No, the test is made at the start of each game turn from turn 2 onwards, and is made by the Chaos Dwarf player.”


so that means including the second turn or starting the third turn?


Inc 2 turn

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