[Archive] [BUY] "BIG HAT" Chaos Dwarfs and Oldies


I search “Big hat” Chaos Dwarfs  :

- Chaos Dwarfs hero : this model :

- Hobgoblins warriors (no bow) : any models.

- Chaos Dwarfs Warriors (no Blunderbuss, Plastic or metal) : any models.

- Chaos Dwarfs Command : any models but I prefer the ones below:

- Hobgoblins on wolves (without bow) : any models.

- Bull-Centaurs :

Bull-centaurs : At least,I just need the torsos.

Supplements :
- Warhammer 1ère Edition (Boite)
- Warhammer 2ème Edition (Livre)
- Realm of Chaos : Slave to Darkness
- Realm of Chaos : Lost and Damned

I pay par Paypal or Check (if French seller).