[Archive] Buying plastic stuf - CD BFSP


howdy guys,

Just tought i’d post a little note to say, im very eager to buy plastic stuff, wether it be CD or Dwarf. I’ve got paypal, to make things nice and easy, so get in touch if you got anything.

In Particular after BFSP Dwarfs!!

All the best, craig!!


Welcome craig. Be aware however, “vultureBay” is crawling with [[BFSP]] stuff, check there first.


by vulturebay, i assuming that a comment on ebay?? lol

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes. Also, it’s often wise to say where you’re from. It let’s people know about shipping costs etc…


ah, very true.

I’m in essex, England, still after plastics if anyone is selling :smiley:


unless you have something people want its better to look on ebay either under skull pass or bfsp on both the normal ebay and under shop sellers and go from there