[Archive] Calling all (one) sculptor!


Maybe not the be place for this but what the hell.

I am in need of one of the sculptors of the site to step forward. I have an assignment of a single mini that needs to be created in a short time frame. We have slaves, and a spot waiting in the upcoming Word of Hashut… Got what it takes?

So if you want to create a single cd mini let me know via PM. I’m being vague yes as the community will just have to wait and see what comes about from this.



i’m working on some skulpts now, whats the deadline and should it be unpainted?


Sure, I’m happy to.

Just doing the finishing touches to a few things, but otherwise I’m happy to. You do mean an infantry sized model right?


This will be a single infantry sized model that will need to be sculpted and painted in short several week time-frame.


Is there any special theme or look on the model that you want?

Thommy H:

It’s a specific model. Willmark will probably fill you in, I’d imagine.


Any chances for old dwarf to get into it?


Wow we got people coming out of the woodwork! OK guys I got to rethink just how I’m going have this done so standby.


The lengths peeps will go to to win a Golden Hat…


I would like to help if I can.


Me too :slight_smile: It wouls be nice. But shall it be all completely scratch built or could have GW part in?

Do you need him only sculpted or painted?

Thommy H:

Hopefully Willmark won’t mind me explaining a bit more: there is an article in the upcoming WoH that features a character with a distinctive appearance. Willmark would like for there to be a model to show next to the article, but no such model exists. So we need someone to step up and make it. I don’t know if he’s picked anyone yet, but when he does, I’ll be happy to give more information about the requirements.


I think I know who is going to do this one (I’ll contact that individual). However I have and idea for all of the others who want to contribute I’ll be in touch with each of you shortly.


I can do it for CD forums.PM me if you still wont this).

Da Crusha:

whoa, its rozmax! welcome back! My Evil Dwarf is lonely and needs some friends.


wow, the level of sculpting is way higher than on other sites, i belief.

back there, some people never heard the word “green stuff” before, and here, people sculpt things!

100% green stuff!

not that i’m that good, but you guys are.


Just go ahead and try, nobodys good with the first one :slight_smile:


Right now we are all set with who is sculpting this, I will be keeping this thread as a list for future assignments however.