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is this forum going to have orders for the campaign, because the campaign has started and there are no orders here, but there are some over on HoH (finally), are we going to follow the HoH orders, whch i think we should do because a lot of us here are from HoH as well, or are we going to do something completely different (which would cause a lot of problems for a fair few members here i can tell you :h)

The Flying Beaver:

We have a section on the Nemesis Crown Forums, which are linked to in my signature.

The Slaver:

Sorry to be a pain, but my fluff isn’t gonna follow this. I know that it isn’t very team spirited but i singed up under hordes, and thus began to think. My solution: entrpunership(sp?). My Slaving hero is a private business man, who is trying to take advantage of the confusion of the search and rake in a large number of slaves. He is Behrouz the Slaver, and has been in contact with numerous lords of the chaos wastes and the Kings of Norsca, and has arranged a sinister contract. They will supply him with some protection, an alliance, and troops (oh, i cant wait for this! keep reading!!) in returen for most of his plunder. They will not take any slaves gained in his trekk, but have agreed to sell him slaves from their own conquests at a discounted price. More or less, Berhouz is giving them a huge amount of money for good quality and reliable slaves. The “allies” which he has been gifted are a group of Chaos trolls, which were the pets of a particularly nasty Lord of Norsca. These will serve as DoW Ogres and are starting to shape up (the first one is primed. Ill post pics sometime soon.) Behrouz’s reason for not allying with the Orcs is extreme hatred of them, ecspecially the Black orcs. Im going to “Fluffify” this back story by monday (?) and i will post it in the appropriate forum.


One thing about Chaos Dwarfs is that you can chose to use them however you’d like! That’s part of the appeal.

For those who wish to go with others, we have that route as well. No one is a pain. :slight_smile: