[Archive] Can I paint some Of your LOTR figures...please!?

Blue in VT:

Hello all…

I have a fairly odd request.  As we gear up here for the Brush Slave League I am also ramping up for the Lead Painters League over on the Lead Adventure Forum.  One of the special themed rounds for that contest is Lord of the Rings For this round I need to paint 5 “good guy” LOTR figures and 5 “bad guy” LOTR figures… The problem is that I don’t have any LOTR figures…and I don’t really want to buy any just for this contest.

So that where you all come in… Does anyone out there have 10 LOTR figures they want painted for free?  It would work like this… We discuss which figures you have… You send them to me… I paint them… And photograph them… And then I send them back to you…hell I’ll even pay for shipping both ways.

Just so you don’t think I’m totally insane I will point out that I did a similar thing in last years contest.  CDO member dncswlf was kind enough to lend me 10 Star Wars figures for the LPL and I think he was happy with the way they turned out.


Let me know if you have anything that will fit the bill.



Pyro Stick:

If you had asked a few months ago i could have sent you some Haradrim and some Warriors of Minas Tirith but since then ive sold the Haradrim. Ive still got the warrios of minas tirith though so if no one else has anything i can send you those.


I believe I got the Fellowship box set at one point, though personally I’d prefer the blister of 3 dwarf lords and 4 vault wardens be painted, but those obviously don’t match the prestige of the fellowship of the ring.

As for baddies, I have a Saruman, Lurtz and a bunch of the uruk-hai minis.

I haven’t really done anything with them, as they were a “future project”. I believe that unlike the rest of my minis that were stored elsewhere during my last move, these should still be in the basement of my house–I’ll need to check to verify this.

I don’t know if these are the kinds of minis that would suit your tastes, so let me know. Also, I don’t know where you live or when you need these, but on President’s Day weekend I intend to drive from where I live in western Mass up through 91 to White River junction, then take 89 all the way up to Grand Isle to see my relatives. If you happen to live along that corridor and could wait until then, I could actually drop them off in person!


I have some LotR stuff lying around that came as part of a bits deal. Incredibly beaten up, so I’m not sure they are workable. Quite a few were broken off bases. You could keep 'em for all I care.

Oh, shipping to the US for them probably would be way more than buying the minis new. Dang. I’d gladly be rid of them. Come to think of it my friend probably similarly have “crap” lying around that was donated to the club. If you can’t find something closer lemme know.

Pyro Stick:

Now that i think about it, i think i have a unit of uruk hai with command as well.

Blue in VT:

:hat off. Man I love this forum! I wasn’t sure I would get any response to this request at all… And here I’ve had three offers in a couple of hours. Thanks to all of you.

It’s sounds to me like Taurian and I might be able to work something out…particularly as the presidents day hand off would fit the time frame.

Again…:hat off thanks to all. I will keep you in mind if something comes up.



Hashut’s Blessing:

In case you want more offers, I have some uruk-hai scouts you could repaint, 2 haradrim (undercoated), 6 vault wardens (3 teams, no paint) and 8 half-trolls you could redo. I may have more, but I forget - alternatively, you could pick some models you like, I’ll buy them, send them to you, have them painted and send them back?


Lemme know if you need anything, I have loads of the metal characters- fellowship, lutzt,gollum, sauraman, shagrat etc


I have a box of mordor orcs, if you pay the shipping I’d happily send a sprue to to to have.

Blue in VT:

Hey Guys Thanks a million…I think I’m all set with the LoTR stuff.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes and display the results when the time comes.

Again thanks to all!



Happy painting!

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