[Archive] can it be? is it possible!

kilik flameblade:

is it possible to make a honno horde?


is it possible to make a honno horde?

kilik flameblade
what is a honno???:)
and if you mean hobo then no it isnt, hobgoblins dont count towards your mnimum core requirment and the only other core choce is Chaos dwarf warriors

kilik flameblade:

yesi meant hobbo, i was writing in a hurry, you see.


Only if you use either minimum CD units (2 units of 10+ in <2000pts) or Orc&Goblin army rules (no Sneaky Gits).

Lord Zarkov:

It’s possible if you’re playing Border Patrol; then Hobgoblins do count towards your minimum core

Otherwise it’s not possible without having to take minimum core in CD

You could however find some solution like ask your fiends nicely if you could use Hobgoblins as minimum core (at the cost of CD units as minimum core say if you have a Hobgolbin General although only if you’re playing a friendly game (as opposed to a competative one); but you may suffer from lack of magic and it is afterall unofficial.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Who would want to play an all-Hobgoblin army anyway? eek We play Chaos Dwarves because we want to be able to use the most terrible, most grim and most effective warriors out there, after all. :wink:

BTW what is the “Border Patrol” - is this a special index army from the CD army book?


It is possible,just convert a dwarf to look like a hobbo then you can use

all the chaos dwarfs(hobbo’s).


Border Patrol is a way to fight 500-pt games, I think. I’m pretty sure that in BP even troops that don’t normally count as Core do, like Hobbos.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Aye, they do. BP is a 500pt game where units must have a minimum unit strength of three, one character that costs no more than 125pts (unless TK) and stuff like that. Can’t remember the rest off the top of my head at 1:15am. It is possible if you take the minimum number of CD units possible OR use a different looking hobgobling to represent these. Maybe mangled/lame ones using CD rules to show their impaired movememnt, but that they are touhg and have survived the mines.

Or just ask your opponent nicely! :smiley:


There is no official list, however…

While I have some more tweaks to do to this list, if you’d be interested in helping me play test…


There is a fan-made Hobgoblin Army List for you right there.


Yeah, no joke. Why would you want to play a hobgob horde army when you could play CD’s the mostr whoop-butt evil guys in the Warhammer world!

nuff said. . .


I can see it. Make the chaos dwarfs into elite Hobbos.

*Heavily armed and fearless from the events they have seen in war, these Hobgoblins are equal to Orcs in stature and as brave as dwarfs. As greenskins, these hobgoblins have aged considerably and grown tough thanks to years of conflict. Each is a warrior of his own, and no longer suffer from typical animosity as normal goblins. They are brave from hardships from the Dawi Zarr, and are equal to the Dwarven warriors. They are rare as Hobgoblins tend to die off fast in battle, but the sneakyest, bravest and strongest survive to become Hobgoblin elite."

Hashut’s Blessing:

Maybe something about they have become trusting of each other from becoming veterans together. Also, their heavy armour slows them.


Four words on this subject: “Dogs of War list.” You can use it as a “counts as” list to represent the Hobgoblin Khanite. You can even include Oglar Khan’s wolfboyz


I don’t know about trusting (sneaky gitz hobbos are) but they have a respect to each others fighting skills.:cheers