[Archive] can you sing

Kera foehunter:

here we go some can dance some can drink but can you sing .

Captain Crayon:

Badly :stuck_out_tongue:

My ability to sing/dance is directly proportional to the amount of rum consumed. :cheers


If you count my Great Lakes dialect, mine which also happens to be flat and monotonous as “singing”… then no.

Linguistic Geography of the United States

And once again, no, I don’t sound like “I’m frum Nuewww Yooorke Siteee”, they have a dialect all there own there.

If anything we talk out of our noses and are very nasally here.

Father Grumpmas:

I used to sing the Sex Pistol’s song “Pretty Vacant” back in the band I was in at school (The Aftermath - odd sort of punk/metal hybrid band) but that was more for my ability to shout than sing. I couldn’t really play the bass either but since I had one I was in (think I was in 3 bands at once at one point).

Short answer: No


I don’t think so, I never realy sing :smiley:


I can do my version of a song, but i prefer to stick to Cpt. Crayon’s approach and consume alcoholic beverages to improve my skill.

Guitar and maybe bass on the other hand, i can do to a degree :cheers:

Kera foehunter:

i sing well ! but the dog sing better but in my car with the music loud no one can sing better

* kera raises her hand with finger folded into the sign of the beast!!!


I’m the best! Under the shower!


I have been known to partake in karaoke. I can sing “grunge” when drunk. Translated as - yell loudly, hopefully in tune.

Good fun though


my vocal talent has


I play a mean guitar hero…

Kera foehunter:

i perfer to be the drummer!!! like keith moon!!! Rock band rules


Well, I’ve recorded a cover of K’s Choice’s “Not an addict” once, and it’s probably the thing I’ve done that’ve made me most proud… and others like it too (!) - so my answer must me yes. I can sing… and I love to do it, not too loud in the shower though since I live in an apartment :wink:


Hell no.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Define singing :smiley: I have sung on stage and before my voice broke, I was in a choir for no reason other than I wanted to boast that I was talented :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, I was one of the more bass people then anyway :smiley: Currently, I can sing on stage to a standard of “His acting makes up for it at least… He also won;t hold back. Plus, they’ll hear him or go deaf” and Lórien claims that my p*ss-take singing is better than her best… Such is life :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

Singing :something plesant to ones ears

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i never judge my self but other say i’m good so yes i am :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

what do you sing godbob



When someone else takes the bass and rhythm part off my hands then I occasionally sing for my covers band. I have a good line in punked up protest songs and ska punk. I used to be a reasonable Tenor but my voice sunk way too deep


I can’t sing but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  Speaking of rockband I have a 5 yr old son who does pretty well on the game eventhough he can’t read.  He just hums to the music and scores in the high 70% on medium difficulty, go figure.