[Archive] Canadian Gold Demon


Has anyone else checked out the Canadian Gold Demon,

if not go to

http://ca.games-workshop.com then in news click Gold Demon.

:0Comments welcome.


Not that impressed I have to say. Some nice models, but nothing I wouldn’t expect to see in your average store


Not sure what your average stores are like AGPO!??

Some amazing efforts, but I know what you mean, I always think the test is to look at the quality of the bronze efforts.


Pretty good stuff I say. That Top LOTR single model is amazing, the face is flawlessly done.


I’ve noteced somthing about the silver for Battle scene.It

looks like the end of a battle and that sort of is against regulation

plus he’s just holding up his kill’s head.


Not sure what your average stores are like AGPO!??

I wasn't refering to the average store-goer, but most stores seem to hold one or two people who can paint to this level or better. I just tend to expect something a bit more special from Golden Daemon is all.