[Archive] CanCon 2011


Anyone from here go to CanCon this year? I did see one player playing CD’s (mostly Big Hats on the board). Couldn’t talk cause he was in the middle of a game. The blokes initials were B.T. and is from Canberra (I know the name but won’t say it if he doesn’t speak up just in case). I’d be interested to know how he went and what list he used.


Australia is a bit too much away from Germany for a short visit at the CanCon! :frowning:

But Dave King (from Bederken Miniatures) was there - he wrote in his blog about the visit! He told that he met someone from CDO there! :cheers



Yeh, that was me. . I bought the first collection series of his “dwergs” and the stall holder said this bloke behind him was the sculpter, seemed like a real nice bloke too. Told him the only reason the bederkin name drew my eye from in amongst all the other stuff was all you blokes talking about it on here.


He said he finally painted them all up, can’t wait to see the pics… (I’m starting my first Bederken today!)


The results are public at Account Suspended

13th place, which is pretty good. He’s obviously a better player than me! I’d like to see his list. Does anyone know if it was ravening hordes?


Yep, That’s him, 13th is pretty good. Only other info I got was that he’s from Canberra, I didn’t have time (or the inclination to pester him) to find out anything more at the time…