[Archive] CANCON 2012 (this january)


Hey there fellas. Is anyone else going to CanCon (here in australia)this year?

I am and I’ve entered into my first ever tournament. With CD’s of course. It means that in two weeks time, I’ll be playing the LoA list for the first time ever and I’ll be playing more games (eight) in three days than I played over the whole of last year with any army.

As a side note, my son is going too and he will playing vanilla dwarfs.


Not going (Australian)

Hope you and your son go well. Please let us know how it goes.

May Hashut curse your enemies!


Hey there fellas.  Is anyone else going to CanCon (here in australia)this year?

I am and I've entered into my first ever tournament.  With CD's of course.  It means that in two weeks time, I'll be playing the LoA list for the first time ever and I'll be playing more games (eight) in three days than I played over the whole of last year with any army.

As a side note, my son is going too and he will playing vanilla dwarfs.

Good luck to both you and your son (though, obviously more to you).
Have you got your list finalised yet? Will you post your list so we can have a look-see, please?



I will be at cancon, but I will be playing Epic Armageddon- I hope to come by and find your game though!


Bad News!! The Tournament Organisers (volunteers from the Hoodlings Hole? club in melbourne) has dis-allowed the Tamurkhan list so am now waiting to see if they will allow the Indy List or any CD list at all. So its panic station for re-organising. Fall Back will be WoC as I haven’t gotten my head around the new O&G book yet.

@ fattdex. will look out for you. Wear a red carnation in your left lapel


Am back in the game as a Cd using the Quote" Ancient Ravening Hordes List “Unquote”. So 3 days to figure out something I’ve never used before and enter my army list.


Did they say what their reasons for dropping LoA as acceptable list were?

Personally I am getting tired of the “nobody can affird the book so it’s not a fare army” sob story. Maybe I am unusual in that I don’t buy/read every army book out there, only the ones I want to field. Don’t even buy WD unless there is a specific article I want.

Enough form me, good luck in the tourney!


That was the reason. Nobody had bought the book yet and it would be unfair to spring a new army on people. But any rules that are in a WD magazine prior to 12th January, which not everyone buys, would be allowed. The fact that the book is legal and I would have it there and its an open list comp means nothing.


Bummer about the list.


I am gutted for you, I really wanted the CD to be at CanCon. I think the TO made a bad call on it.

I will be there, playing vanilla Dwarfs.


That’s BS.

Ps, instead of a red carnation, look for the massively hung over guy playing Imperial Guard tank army.


Am back in the game as a Cd using the Quote" Ancient Ravening Hordes List "Unquote".  So 3 days to figure out something I've never used before and enter my army list.

That's a shame the only thing you can do now is make a completely over the top broken list and dominate them with a 2 page army book.

If you want help building a list give me a shout.


It’s a bit odd. You can’t use something in a book sold in GW stores since October, but you can use a list that hasn’t been freely available for 5 years? Although this one might be twice the price of a regular one, it is still easy to get.


Actually, on reflection, CanCon, like many Aus tournaments, is operating a panel judged comp scoring system (each army has a score out of 10 that is added to their score each round). If the TO and panel had no knowledge of the book, then they would be unable to provide a fair score under this system.


I would be interested in seeing how a RH Castled up army would do these days. 2 Earthshakers 2 Deathrockets and 4 bolt throwers with just blocks and blocks of CD warriors, Nevermind throwing in Blorcs, Bull centaurs & Cheap Wizards i think the army will stand up with Blunt staying power alone, Very hard to beat an army like it.


@ Eudaimon. I think that was the reason in the end after meeting the blokes, rather than it looking to tough for them.

For round up I’m gunna have to blame the general for this one. I went 8 for 8. Losses that is. Some absolutely dismal massacres and some I held my own even though still a loss. But I didn’t come last.

I used a Lord on Taurus 1+ arm save & +1 Str, BC Lord, 1 Hero +2 Str, 2 L2 sorcerers, 1 x 22 Blunders, 1 x 20 CD with Gt wpns, 10 orc archers, 25 gobbo spears, 10 BC’s, 2 BT’s, 2 Death Rockets and one Earth Shaker.

I rolled more ones than I can count except during Ldr tests. every charge that my lord was supporting failed leaving him fighting alone. Once he stood unsupported for 4 turns against a block of Saurus and a stegadon before finally succumbing. I did kill an ogre scragg with a direct hit and a D6 roll of a 6, but 3 direct hits in a row with the rockets on a Slann Mage and I rolled 3 ones. With only heavy armour saves, my warriors and the BC’s died too easily and quickly, often before even getting into combat. The 2 L2’s got dispelled 9 times out of ten.

Had lots of fun, met good peoples. and I’ll leave it at that.


Where are the pictures!!

As long as you had fun, that is all that counts ultimately! Glad you were able to figure out a list last minute!


sorry no real pictures. Did take 3 of the hall as a whole from a chair but nothing else. Was too busy running from game to game and hoping to get a bite to eat. It all came as a shock being my first tourny an’ all. Actually I will take a belated picture of the army and post it here once I get the incompatibility between my new camera and my old computer sorted out


If you were the only CD player there, I managed to find your army on an empty table at lunchtime :wink: Otherwise we were put up in the Hall of Shame with the boardgamers to play epic ( that’s here if you wanted a look http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d194/jaggedtoothgrin/Epic/cancon2012/ )


Lame people that do not allow LoA!

About your tournament I hoped you had fun but 8 losses… it’s not that much fun :wink:

I do not know limitations in CANCON tournament but your list is not optimized in my opinion.

RH is not an updated list and has a lot of weakness in 8th edition but one great advantage: most of the things are cheap.

I would use 2 heartshakers, ever! 2 rockets and 4 bolt throwers as suggested before.

2 blocks of 30 great weapon dwarfs, a sorcerer lord on foot, a fighting lord on foot and bsb. If you have spare points another cheap hero on foot with great weapon to baby sit one of the two warriors units.

Then spam hobgoblins! As many as possible, with bows, or just hand weapons as you prefer.

Do not bother with the RH Great Taurus, it’s almost useless now. :frowning:

Do not bother with orcs and goblins, with 2 pts hobgoblins who need them?

Mmmmmh, you are tempting me to use RH list in next battles, just for the fun to go back to old times… and to see my opponent face against 2 heart shakers :smiley: