[Archive] Canon Article by Ancient History?


Hey man, do you want to write a canon article for this month’s WoH? If not, I will whip something up.

I was thinking about a small article on Hashut. Everything we know about him, all his mentions, etc.

Your thoughts?

Ancient History:

When do you need it by?


Dang, I should have checked back here sooner. I will probably do this issue, unless you already have something cooking that can be done in the next few days.

But for next issue the slate is blank, you can write about whatever you want. :slight_smile:

Ancient History:

I could have it for you tomorrow, if’n ye like.


That would be awesome, if you could!


Ancient History:

Tried to stray away from supposition too much.


1,200 words! My oh my!

I’m currently reading it. Awesome stuff, dude! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking this is going in Issue #4 for the WoH, good stuff Ancient, two articles in the mag!

Ancient History:

De nada.

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Very, very nice article, so much depth and yet a very broad and inclusive scope. One minor point though: Isn’t the name “sorcerer” applied to any of the evil magic users, not just those who worship the explicit Chaos gods? I know it is only a minor distinction, but Dark Elves are all Chaos worshippers, in 6th edition it was pretty taboo for them. I’m not really sure what has happened since the big reveal of the cult of Slaanesh, is the Chaos/Elven Gods thing a bit more blurred now?

Ancient History:

Well, no. There has almost always been the distinction between necromancers and other magic users, even evil magic users, in various bits. I didn’t want to stretch the point by delving into WFRP sources, but the difference between, say, a Dark Elf Sorceress and a High Elf Wizard is that the Sorceress is willing and learned in using Dahr (Dark Magic) and calling on daemons. Necromancers (including Vampires and Tomb Kings) also use Dahr, but don’t have much truck with daemons - or else they would be daemonologists, who are also sorcerers.

So Dark Elf sorceresses may not worship the Chaos gods directly, but they still have truck with Chaos.