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This is the WIP model that I will be using eventually for my Chaos Dwarf Lord, Captain Nemogrun ‘Nemo’ Stormbeard. Please ignore the painting underneath, it is still left their from when I had a Typhus conversion when I was much younger;)

Steampunk parrot: (a slave for anyone who thinks up a good name for it :slight_smile: )

I am pretty happy with him overall but I still need some help:

1) Does he look steampunk or is he too 40k like?

2) What can I add to make him look more Daemonically possesed?

3) Should I add curled beards to his face mask to make him more Chaos Dwarf like?

4) What colours should the armour be painted to compliment the silver and bronze that’ll be used to paint the metal?

If you could answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated :hat off



PS: @ any mod: I was debating between putting this here or in the advice forum as it includes both, could you please move it if it needs moving:cheers


Looks like a 40K terminator of some sort to me. Perhaps a Nurgle Marine…

The Flying Beaver:

First, remember this: Skull mask > Dwarf ancestor god mask

I agree with hobgoblyn, he looks too much like a nurgle terminator and not enough like a chaos dwarf. A beard would certainly help.


First, remember this: Skull mask > Dwarf ancestor god mask

I agree with hobgoblyn, he looks too much like a nurgle terminator and not enough like a chaos dwarf. A beard would certainly help.

The Flying Beaver
He is meant to be a corrupted Dwarf but I can see your point on the ancestor mask.

Maybe adding the beard and some steam tanks onto him would make him look better as regards to both things.

How else can I tone done the 40k-ness?




He looks like a Nurgle Space Marine to me. :confused:

He’s far too tall and all that. It doesn’t look like Astrogoth in a suit… he doesn’t have that same exo-skeleton look…

But beard, add a beard for sure.


When I looked at this guy first I thought “Barnacles!” and then I thought "Bioshock!"��Which is good - I think the concept that you’ve got is really cool.��I’m not sure that Typhus is the best base to work up from tho, mostly cuz he’s so big.��More wood-bits and less power armour bits would make it look less 40k-ish.��And yes, your steam-tank (vent?) idea is a good one I think.

I dunno about doin a beard the way other Chaos Dwarfs might have 'em…what about a beard of barnacles?��Or octopus tentacles?

Personally, I don’t have a problem with the ancestor mask, altho I don’t think you need the bionic eye.

Yeah definitely check out screenshots of that Bioshock game, and look at the “Big Daddies” (I think they’re called) for inspiration cuz that’s the kind of feel it seems like you’re goin for.


Somethin like this guy?


Anyone who remembers Georc’s battlerager conversions, here is an example of theming:



Still too 40k IMO, but it might help a little.

On your model, with the theme you have, I would be tempted to convert one (or both) shoulder pad into a large shell with a rune on it.

Adding some ‘engine parts’ on his lower torso, maybe a little on the sides, will help to bring it back to warhammer.

They will also make it look like a giant shell on his back!


Or a collection of cogs and stuff, and something like a small barrell?


Thanks everyone for the advice.

I have added tusks, a hooked nose a beard (:cheers) and a big hat. The last bit is optional. Pics will be up later :wink:

@ Khan!: That is exactly the look I was going for but with a Chaos Dwarf twist. I think I may bulk out the back to make it a more low tech

He’s far too tall and all that.
He counts as using the 1+ armour save armour (sorry don’t know it’s name off by heart, CD newbie :~) Hence the size :wink:

Hopefully more pics up soon!




I think he looks like a Empire expariment gone wrong.

As for the beard he’s a chaos dwarfs and he should have a beard.

To make him look more demonic give him a tentical comeing out of his eye.

As for a uniform make his clothes yellow and make the meatal look rusted,

and there you have a very creepy but cool(and big)chaos dwarf.


As promised here are some pictures of the conversions I have done today with your help.

I added scale mail, a big hat, tusks, a hooked nose and the such.

My theme is going to change a bit. I read somewhere about Chaos Dwarf fleets so he is going to be the Captain of one of those, so this means he was a Chaos Dwarf beforehand, rather than a corrupted Dwarf so hence all the Chaos Dwarf bitz.

Without further ado:




Wow that look’s much better.

By the way I live in a busted up submaine.


The beard looks really flat. When you sculpt the lines on the beard, use something sharp like a knife, and only after it’s had time to cure somewhat. Then, afterwards, use the knife to press inward between the ‘strands’ of beard.

@oboudd: Except that then it’s physically impossible to get internet access…


It’s gonna take one hell of a paint job to bring the details into focus. Nice efforts on making improvements though.


I quite like this model. As an early attempt at sculpting its not bad, though I recommend Xander’s videos on the BfSP warrior conversions as something to watch - it made my first efforts a lot better! i really like the concept and I’m not too worried about the size as this can easily be explained by the influence of chaos (maybe he never stopped growing, stood to close to a warpstone generator or something)

Uzkul Werit:

Much better!

He reminds me of the old Astragoth minature!


I thought of a name for the parrot by the way (when I should have been busy at work…) “Nutz”!

There we go, a free slave for me :slight_smile:


Thanks for the thought Grimstonefire but I have changed my theme from that of Pirates.

This all came about when I was reading up on the little stunties last night and began to fall in love with the slave driver idea so I intend this to be my theme from now on. Sorry to dissapoint anyone :wink:

As such I have removed the hammer and hook and in place created a ‘man-catcher’ and a chain whip.

Thanks for all the help anyway guys:hat off




You are bouncing between ideas like an ADHD kid on a pogo stick after he ate 3lbs of Pixy Stix. Congrats.

I really like the slave driver idea- need pics!