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Hello fellow CD lords, this will be the fluff for my Captain Varinus and his Iron Warriors - later I’ll be posting my Minis

In a dark and gothic time, humanity fights to survive in a hostile universe. Now hell has come to the Obscurus segmentum, for Perturanbo�?Ts force of terrifying Iron Warriors, brutal assault troops of Chaos, have invaded the planet of Vrak and lain siege to its mighty Imperial citadel �?" occupied by a force of the Black Legion. But what prize could possibly be worth so much savage bloodshed and destruction?

Captain Varinus�?T Log �?" Sep 13th, 84033.

- It has been nearly a millinium, since the destruction of Olympia. The majority of our brethrens fled to the Eye of Terror and secured the Daemonworld of Medrengard. There is only a few of us left, with no refuge from the retribution of the Loyalist Legions. We were ordered to the solersystem called Obscurus, to besiegh a planet called Vrak. Under our leader Gilgamesh, we landed on the volcanic field �?" just a days travel from the Black Legion�?Ts Citadel.

Jade lightning speared from the sky, casting an emerald hue across the battered spires and crumbling walls of Perdictor. Our Demon Prince Gilgamesh stood silhouetted by the flickering lightning, heavy rain (sulphur/dew) falling in drenching sheets and running from his baroque armour. Brackish water (sulphur/dew) filled the craters and ran in foamy rivers along the tracks of his armoured vehicles. The city sprawled beneath a brooding sky, crackling with psychic energies, and Gilgamesh stared at the massive breach his artillery had blown in its curtainwall. Armoured warriors in the panoply of the Black Legion guarded the breach, preventing him from marshalling the city�?Ts insane population and performing the ritual that would open the gateway into the Eye of Terror. The rumble of the approaching storm was a sign that he and his warriors had little time before their chance to open the gateway passed. I had to be fast, approaching the planet and the ships needed swift passage through the enemy fire.

The great Perturabo himself had commanded the gateway to be open, and Gilgamesh was not so mighty that he did not fear the wrath of his Legion�?Ts daemonic progenitor. The gateway would be open or he would pay with his very existence. He turned from the breach to face a Black Legion warrior held immobile against a half-submerged slab of lava rockcrete by two of his most favoured warriors. His armour had been removed, and his body laid broken and haggard. Bloody rainwater streamed downs the slab into the crater. Behind him, disciplined ranks of Iron Warriors awaited our Daemon Prince�?Ts order to attack.

Gilgamesh leaned down to face the mutilated warrior, his lips drawn back to reveal yellowed and dripping fangs. He unsheathed his black sword; the edge lined with ghostly light, and pressed the tip against the captive�?Ts sternum.

�?oWhy does your Legion stand before us?�?� hissed Gilgamesh, pushing the sword slowly into his victim�?Ts chest. The Black Legionary groaned, his face twisted in agony. The sword cut deeper into his flesh as Gilgamesh twisted the blade, lifting the warrior from the slab and holding him suspended on the weapon.

�?oThis is the last time I will ask. Why does the Black Legion seek to prevent me opening the gateway?�?� The warrior moaned as his own weight dragged him further along the blade. His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he whispered, �?oThe gateway must remain secret. The Imperium cannot learn of it and your Warsmith is sure to be pursued here�?�

Gilgamesh did not give him the chance to finish, ripping his sword upwards through the warrior. The body splashed into the crater. The Daemon Prince turned to his warriors as the rumble of thunder built and lightning split the sky once more. If Abaddon�?Ts minions thought they would prevent him from carrying out his Primarch�?Ts orders, they were mistaken.

He raised his dripping sword and gave the order to advance.

Stuttering volleys of las�?“fire blasted from the trenches, but it was too little, too late as my loyal men dropped into the prepared position. Our newest group called the Iron Blooded worked our way down trench, hacking a bloody path through the defenders of the Black Legion who fell back in horror from their deadly chain axes. And as marine after marine were killed by their superiority, I could well understand the attraction of Khorne�?Ts path.

As we advanced into the ruins of Black Legion�?Ts citadel, we were meet by what must have been a small army of men. But not like the Imperial Guard, no, these were foul and tainted with raw chaos energy. As Gilgamesh stood face to face with their leader, they all fell to their knees �?” praying for salvation, as if he were their god. Their leader spoke of a legend, whom was said to come and aid the people of Vrak in their darkest time. And it seems as if they believed that our master was that legend, and he wasted no time convincing them. But the men were no more than mere bricks in a puzzle for Gilgamesh, and so he made them surrender their souls to him �?" but the men seemed to take this as a blessing from their legend.

An air siren could be heard in the distance, as a sign of a new beginning for the Renegades of Vrak.

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