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Also known as cheaphammer.

I’ve decided to go ahead and make a small cardboard army for my kids to play with. I’ve made blank templates for the following unit types:

20mm infantry

25mm infantry

40mm monster

50mm monster




This is all that I need currently, but what other weird unit base sizes are there? I figure that I may as well just make a template for each type since I’m going to give the templates away and it takes less than a minute for each. These are all just basic “flats” - a flat bit of card that has been glued to include a base of the right size. They fold completely flat for storage but can be bent to stand up vertically. Here is a commercial example, although mine are rectangles rather than cut to the shape of a creature:


Secondly, if anyone knows of any suitable artwork/photos that are free to use for such a purpose, then I might go ahead and make full colour versions rather than just the plain. They look very crappy compared to a proper army of models, but at this price-point (and construction time of 20 minutes for a full army) they can’t be beaten.


60X100 (screaming bell)

100X150 (Arachnarok spider)


Good idea to introduce your kids to the hobby!

Use every image you find on the web, including GW artwork and copyrighted images. You are playing with your kids not reselling stuff exploiting other’s people job. Nobody shall complain for that.

and have fun! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

cornixt YOUR A MAD MAN!!!

as i can see you put a lot of thought into this and it shows . This is one of your better ideas .great job


100X150 (Arachnarok spider)

And the K'Daai Destroyer ;)




40 x 60 mm (Skarsnik)

60mm round (Mangler squig)

25mm round (fanatics)

That is all I can come up with from the Orcs & Goblins.


Thanks everyone. Got them almost all done, I’ll add a link to them soon. For the ones I print out, I will probably use images of the actual GW models, but those will take a bit more time.


Now done. There are probably still a few missed off, but I guess people can make their own for those. Might have to go back and finish my cardboard Magma Cannon. Should probably finish on my Golden Hat entry first though.


Cornixt good too hear you are kicking it old school. Cardboard cutouts used to be the norm in warhammer. I still have several of them from 3rd edition boxset.