[Archive] Carpe Noctems Golden Bat Competition 2011

Disciple of Nagash:


I am very pleased to announce that once again Carpe Noctem is running the Golden Bat Competition, sponsored by Mantic Games. It seems looking at your front page that you are also running a similar competition as well! (Though as far as I am aware I haven’t seen any posts about it over at CN - as I am sure Willmark / Swiss know, CN welcomes news exchange, so feel free to put a thread up about it over there.)

Any way, this year looks to be building up to a great competition, which £200.00 worth of prizes provided by Mantic, and even better they are in voucher form, so it doesn’t matter which army you collect!

As last year, we have two categories, one for painting, one for conversion, so there are even more chances to show off your work and win.

To find out further details please visit the following link: Linky!

Good Luck!

Disciple of Nagash
Carpe Noctem Owner and Administrator


Awesome! Mantic for the win.

Thanks for sharing.

Disciple of Nagash:

Yep, Mantic for the win definitely! Have been working with them for some time now, and they have been fantastic. Great to see another forum has been taken on board with them.