[Archive] Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition Summer 2010

Disciple of Nagash:

Hi, this is posted with the permission of Willmark.

This is an annoucement of Carpe Noctem’s Golden Bat Comptition, you can visit the site here at www.vampirecounts.net

[align=center]Proudly sponsored by OG Games and Mantic.[/align]

Well it has come around so fast again, yes it is time to hold another Golden Bat Competition. For those of you with sharp eyes you may have noticed the title is missing the word �?opainting�?� like it used to, and for a very good reason.

As always we like to listen to our members at CN, and so following feedback we have decided to introduce a conversion category to the competition. But that doesn�?Tt mean we have less prizes for winners, oh no, in fact with the new support from Mantic Games, as well as OG Games this year we have more prizes than ever before!

So hopefully this year will be our most successful yet, and for those who love both converting and painting, there is the chance to try and go for Carpe Noctem�?Ts Golden Bat Masters Medal.

Entry Opens �?" 18 July 2010 at 2000 GMT. This is later than usual to allow for the release of Warhammer 8th edition. Two stickied threads will be created in the Dark Arts (painting and modelling) section of Carpe Noctem:

�?oThe Golden Bat Competition �?" Summer 2010 - Painting�?�,
�?oThe Golden Bat Competition �?" Summer 2010 - Converting�?�

Any members wishing to enter will need to post a picture of their models in the relevant thread. Until the closing date, any of the following entries will be accepted:

-Any VC character (inc special characters), with or without appropriate mounts
- Upto 5 models from any infantry or cavalry unit, or Fell Bats. (Personally we would recommend command where possible)
-Upto three bases of the following: Spirit Hoses, Bat Swarms.
One of the following: Corpse Cart, Black Coach, Varghulf, Zombie Dragon (on its own) or Zombie Giant.

WIP shots are allowed and encouraged (and in the case of conversions mandatory �?" see below for photo entry rules).

All final entries must state clearly in a title above the photos�?� Final Entry�?�
For Painting entries you may have upto a maximum of three photographs from various angles.
For Conversion entries you must have three photographs showing the following:
Components �?" This should be a picture before the conversion showing the separate components.
WIP �?" This picture should be taken at any point during the conversion, ideally when around 50% complete
Finished �?" The finished model. In addition you may take another two pictures of the finished model from various angles.

-One entry per person per category. Members may enter an unpainted conversion in the conversion category, and then paint it to be in both categories if they wish.
-Model must be related to VC is someway but does not have to come from the GW range. So models from Reaper etc are acceptable.
-Models entered in the Painting category must be fully painted and based.
-Models entered in the Conversion category must not be painted in any way, i.e you should be able to see the various components and sculpting material where applicable.
-As a guideline conversions should consist of a least 50% change or sculpt to a model (i.e just swapping a head is not good enough.)
-Models must be painted and / or converted by the entrant (no claiming credit for other peoples work!)
-Models have to have been painted and / or converted his year, no entering models painted years ago.
-You cannot enter models entered in the previous Golden Bat Competition.

Entry Closes �?" 15 August 2010 at 2000GMT. All photos marked �?oFinal Entry�?� will then be put forward to voting.

Poll Opens �?" 15 August 2010 2200GMT. A poll will be created with all the entrants displayed in the thread. Members will be able to vote for one entry only. Entrants may vote, but they may not vote for their own entry! (This will be checked on)

Poll Closes �?" 29 August 2010 2000GMT. The poll will be closed and the winners announced!

The Prizes:

The following prizes are apply to both the Painting and Converting competitions, so if you enter both there are a lot of prizes up for grabs!

First Place
1x Mantic Vampire Lord on Pegasus (aka Hellsteed)
20x Undead Revenants (aka Grave Guard)
10x Ghouls
£10.00 Voucher from OG Games
A coveted Golden Bat Competition Gold Medal for their profile. In the event that someone wins both categories, not only do they win both top prizes, but they instead receive the Golden Bat Competition Master Medal.
100 Zombie Points for their profile

Second Place
1x Mantic Vampire Lord on Pegasus (aka Hellsteed)
£5.00 Voucher from OG Games.
A Golden Bat Competition Silver Medal for their profile
50 Zombie Points for their profile

Third Place
10 Mantic Ghouls
A Golden Bat Competition Bronze Medal for their profile
25 Zombie Points

All the above Mantic prizes include free shipping, Mantic have generously extended this benefit, so order anything else at the same time as your prizes and they will benefit from free shipping too!

All Entrants
Everybody else who enters and is not one of the above winners will receive 10 zombie points.