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New article by the Warhammer Community team:


From the names on the map it looks like the return of WHFB will be set during the Age of the Three Emperors, roughly 16th-24th Century IC as opposed to the early 26th it was set in just before the End Times.

What do people think of this?

Personally I think it could be a nice decision. It gives them plenty of room to come up with stuff without hamfistedly retconning/trying to cram stuff into the five minutes to midnight time period, while still having broad strokes and a definitive end point to give them direction. It also means they can come up with new units, monsters, etc and explain their absence in classic WHFB as having been destroyed, lost, changed etc over time similar to all the snazzy HH toys for 40k.


Sounds resonable and cool, looking forward to see what will come out of this. :slight_smile:


I cannot wait!

I hope they seize the chance to develop the dark corners of the Old World and fill the game with mercenary units from everywhere.


Good decision. Slightly different era with good opportunities for narrative exploration. Some thought has clearly gone into this for the sake of background. Positive sign. :slight_smile:


The other alternative, although I think it highly unlikely they�?Td do it, is that they�?Tre going to do various different historic events/campaigns from throughout the history of the Old World. Would be nice seeing stuff from the time Sigmar was alive or pre-Nagash Khemri, but that�?Tll never happen.


If it goes well the might, as Ive understood it alot of the older FW books are campaigns or “closed settings” on a specific planet etc. Given the dont jump around too much on the timeline it could be really cool to see. Spotlighting historical event and characters which eventually lead to or had a role in the End Times.


True Tjub, but the difference is that in 40k, aesthetically very little, if anything, changes, whereas a lot can change in Fantasy. Eg, pre-Negash Nehekhara wouldn�?Tt use the Tomb Kings range, it�?Td require a whole range of Ancient Egyptian miniatures; or a Sigmar founding the Empire campaign wouldn�?Tt use the Empire minis but instead would use stuff that�?Ts closer to a mix of Dark Age Europe and ancient Celts.

That said, I suppose there are still several campaigns that could still work without the need for entire new ranges; the Chaos Incursion that Magnus the Pious defeated, the wars against the Von Carsteins, the War of the Beard, the earlier Chaos Incursions that the Elves held off, the Elves Civil War that led to the split between High and Dark Elves, etc.


Sounds like these would be a good excuse to push out a new range of models, even if they were only around temporarily. Cash in whilst there’s interest then move onto something else

Hashut’s Blessing:

I feel like it could herald a call to the tribes that lead to forming the states that make up the Empire. I do hope it doesn’t get limited to just those though - wouldn’t take a great deal to include dwarfs, of course, nor particularly hard to include high elves. Orcs and goblins would be present as they were fierce competition for the lands, Chaos is an ever-present threat. Not sure if they’ll extend as far as Nehekhara, Lustria, Naggaroth and not sure they’d fuss with including ogres (probably, sadly, not the Chaos Dwarfs either). Maybe they’d look to do some stuff with olde Brettonia, Tilea, the other place that I’m currently blanking on (again, doubtful we’d see Araby, Cathay or Nippon too).

Honestly, the above is me just saying a bunch of stuff whilst way too tired to have fully read the thread or thought about anything :stuck_out_tongue: B ut the time period would suggest no blackpowder weapons, at least.


Kislev will be back with new units and I want to scream my joy to the world !



Then scream your joy to the world! :smiley: