[Archive] Castellan?


Simple question on behalf of me and any other person not fortuned enough to see the rule book.

What’s is a/the Castellan???

What’s his rank and what is his job in the army?

hope you can help

p.s fluff would be awsome


Chaos dwarf hero.

105 pts, stubborn, same profile with blackshard armor and hand weapon.


When you say “same profile” do you mean as the current RH rules?

Thommy H:

I assume he has the same profile as the Dwarf Thane.


So correct me if i’m wrong, he is the new chaos dwarf hero?

Thommy H:

Yeah. That’s what Dromar said, wasn’t it?


didnt see that bit, sorry


IIRC a castellan is a guy who runs a castle, although not the ruler/owner.


From memory I think the list in the Tamurkhan book represents some faction of CD that are based around one of the fortresses?

That might explain why the heroes are called Castellans.