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Random thing I thought I’d make a thread about.

I sculpted a skeleton (human), and it was considerably harder than I thought it would be in 28mm scale! Trying to broaden my sculpting skills, and also because I have a particular use for this chap, which you will all learn about in the fullness of time :D.

It’s not for sale though, mainly because of the pose I chose (no details, arms straight with no weapons). Also because skeletal hands are really hard to sculpt well (or in other words, they didn’t come out well ;)).

I’ll load some pics of the green and the cast tommorow.

Da Crusha:

sounds cool I look forward to seeing it.


I’m not sure you will. :wink:

The green looks quite pretty, but actually casting something so thin is damn hard work. Also I realised the hands are too big. :frowning:

For what I am using it for the quality doesn’t actually matter a whole lot.


Let’s see what you got :wink:

Hands big?? then do what GW did back in the days - give the guy a bigger head :smiley:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Aye Clam! The old GW skeletons had hideous proportions.

Grim your design can’t possibly be as bad as what we bought for the undead 15 years ago or so. :smiley:


Here he is.

The proportions are quite good imo.  My mould is not great at all, lots of cleaning to do. :(  The skulls seem to be a problem, I may need to cut some channels off the hands to it now that I am not using them.  The feet don’t come out well at all, but the rest of the torso is very good.

However, using my mould with greenstuff works quite well, it pics up all the detail on the front of the skull and is very quick.



Looks pretty good :slight_smile:

Aye Clam! The old GW skeletons had hideous proportions.
They did appear to be about 8 feet tall when compared to humans :cheers


Hey, nice work Grim!

Sculpting rules. :slight_smile:



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WOW thats some great sculpting work that you have done there :slight_smile: