[Archive] Casting Kits?


I am living in the US, and I am asking for a resin casting kit that can be used to cast chaos dwarfs and fimir miniatures, for christmas…

I need to know what kind of kit or which brand I should ask for specifically… So that it has all the correct components needed.

Thanks! Please give links or brand names if you can!


Alumilite make a good one.



Casting your own figures is fine. Casting or asking about casting kits for the casting of GW figures even if that is not the primary intent is something we cannot even broach or discuss on this forum.


As Willmark said, as ‘Chaos Dwarfs’ are mentioned here we had to lock this.  Chaos Dwarfs are copyright and IP protected, so we shouldn’t really be discussing casting of those models.

However, if the thread had been phrased ‘where can I buy a casting kit for making copies of evil dwarf models of my own creation, and for my own use’, I would have posted this link (seeing as you are in the US):


It’s what Xander used in his videos.  If you can find it without the dvd and booklet it could be cheaper.