[Archive] Casting (only your self-made) miniatures


I didn’t want to derail other folk’s threads so I’ll start it here.

I live in San Diego and stumbled across this San Diego company which I took it as an obvious sign from Hashut.  In speaking with the owner, they do mostly internet sales so feel free to order online.  I am quite pleased with their product lines.


I’ve made a dozen or so molds so far.  My first few molds turned out to be junk and I’m not too proud to admit I’m still learning.  But over all, it isn’t too hard once you figure out the little things.

There are quite a few other companies out there that provide casting materials.  I’m hoping my fellow casters will share what they know and reviews of some of the other products out there!



Do they ship internationally, do you know?


I use Alumilite casting materials and resins and had good results with them. I cast a number of Warhammer Quest doorways ages ago after contacting GW about it… their response from their legal department was that it’s “probably” OK, provided it was for my own in-home use only and not for sale. I’m sure that was a regular customer service person who messaged me and just couldn’t get a straight answer from legal other than “he’s really not supposed to be doing that with any models”, etc.

I know casting is (or can be) part of the hobby and there are slight grey areas when casting GW IP - i.e. an important weapon or other piece broke off a model before a comp. and you need a replacement ASAP, so casting one and painting it back up to the original standard may be cirtical… but GW still won’t support it and their legal dept can only recommend you make your own models or replacement parts from scratch.

Of couse the usual cautionary notes need to be made here - CDO doesn’t condone or support casting of copyright materials, particularly GW IP. Be particularly careful as this could land you in hot water with GW legal and they are by no means a soft touch, if you know what I mean.  Even if these are for your own in-home use only and there’s never any chance that they’ll wind up in someone else’s hands it’s still against the letter of the law - not my law, but we’re talking copyright and GW… so just be careful, especially if you’re casting stuff from GWs current line of models which they’ll feel like they’re losing revenue over, but they equally frown on casting OOP stuff as well.  I’m not an admin… but this is something to keep in mind.

Casting models you’ve scratch built is often a good alternative though!



Dude, you’re breaking the law, its copyright infringement… which is almost impossible to track down or prove unless you tell GW all about it on a public forum… As already said, CDO does not condone this, we only promote casting of members’ sculpts and you risk drawing the attention of GW legal to the site again.

Thommy H:

Not just illegal: also pretty despicable. You’ll get no love for recasting here, my friend.


Try sculpting your own you’ll find it’s a lot more rewarding.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Could take a leaf out of Barrgonor’s book and sculpt up your own model and start casting it (whether for yourself or for sale).

Key note here: it can have any commercial pieces (plasticard doesn’t count, but something like a Ral Partha head or Mantic leg most certainly does) in the product if it is to be cast for sale.

If GW legal show up, please note that CDO is in direct opposition to the casting of intellectually protected materials, but we heartily endorse members casting their own miniatures or those that have received permission to do so (in the case of Nicodemus), under the terms given unto them.

Thommy H:

Why even keep this thread? It’s an advertisment for a recasting service.


I have to say I never considered the legal implications before (stupid me!). I’ll have to reconsider some of my casting habits.

I don’t know if Aeromarine ships internationally or not. Drop them an email!

Once you make a mold of something which takes 24-48 hours, you can pour out a resin model every 15 minutes or so. Very fast!

Hashut’s Blessing:

People that see this thread will also see all of the comments pointing out not to do this and there is no problem with people being made aware of another service, considering this something useful to Chaos Dwarf players because of the number of self-sculpted models.

EDIT: Also, phierlihy has 74 posts (at the time of this) and so isn’t a spambot or something like that.

Thommy H:

being made aware of another service
A recasting service. This is not a case of "CDO can't endorse this", this is a case of "this is actually illegal and morally repugnant within the context of our hobby". I get that this can also be used to cast your own stuff, but that wasn't the original intent of this thread and saying that it's okay because, hey, it can be used legitematley doesn't hold much water for me. An assault rifle can have perfectly innocent uses, but that doesn't mean I'd sell them to kids.

No offence, phierlihy, because you seemed to have opened this can of worms out of genuine ignorance, but I don't get why this isn't at least locked.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I hadn’t yet locked it because I had a feeling that my comments would warrant a response and I welcome people to respond to me. I didn’t want anyone to think I was having the be-all and end-all of the topic.

I have edited the title to accomodate an appropriate use of the website given, as opposed to the highly illegal version that was intended (although I doubt phierlihy realised it was “highly illegal” and thusly isn;t being reprimanded, just having it pointed out to him/her and they’ve now stated that they will rectify their own actions).

On that note, due to popular demand, I shall lock the thread, but won’t delete it so that people have the reminder of the illegality of recasting miniatures that they have not created.