[Archive] "Castle" - what is it?


Hi guys,

Im new to CDs and Dwarves in general and in some army lists, Ive seen the term “castle” used and I wondered…what is it?

Please forgive me if Im being dumb, but is it where you hole up in a corner surrounded by your artillery and soften the enemy up as they come to get you?

I would be very grateful for any explanations of the term “castle” from you kind people.



Your guess is absolutely correct, and it’s not a dumb question at all.


Yes, you guessed right.

In the first picture of my battle report you can see a nice one :smiley:


That’s a classic: encastle on top of an hill and shoot the hell to the enemies. Of course it is nice if you have some spare forces to harrass the enemy and slow it down… and if those forces are 4 bull centaurs with Taur’ruk and a destroyer you have more than a disturb force :wink:


but is it where you hole up in a corner surrounded by your artillery
The infantry surrounds the artillery, but close enough :) Only viable if you have the firepower advantage of course.


Many thanks for those prompt replies. its good to know that Im not as dim as I thought I was :wink:


Thanks from me as well,was going to ask the same thing.



The castle in a corner is tecnically called a “refused flank”. A good explanation is here:



I do this with my Bretonnians.

My very un-Bretonnian Bretonnians :smiley:


I played skaven the other day and we both castled - on diagonally opposite corners of the board! I didn’t realise what he was up to until it was too late (I’d put all my army down while he was only about half way through).

Strangely enough, it was a draw. The only combat was my khans against his giant rats, and destroyer against HPA. Which it got through in one round.