[Archive] Cathay Army


Sort of like a "Outsider" army book that includes all these little "minor" nations.

It would help them sell the models.

Tarrakk Blackhand
Yeah. I think it'd be pretty cool myself and realeased in volumes too. The next one could involve Araby. :cheers Now that would be awesome. But...these probably won't happen. :(


Of course GW could simply say just make a Empire or Bret army and just model them as Ind/Nippon/or Cathay and problem solved.


Well, I don’t think that a Cathy army will be released, soon. On the other hand, Grim said that Jervis said that GW plan to make a new army. Cathy is realy popular and could become an awesome great fantasy army. And also the “western orientated market” likes martial arts movies and chinese fantasy with flying battle monks and dragons. The chances for Cathy to get official rules and models are not lower than for CDs I think. This would “increase” the size of the Warhammer world. It is a shame that all human Warhammer armies look european, anyways. There are no asian, latin or black armies, this sucks (and seems a little racistic…)
And why Forge World? It doesn’t fit in their concept, FW makes big stuff and some applications for armies, like tanks or monsters, but no infantry armies. The Death Korps is an exception, they have a lot of artillery and are, as far as I know, the first full army made by FW. By the way, this makes it more realistic that FW releases CDs when deamon maschines are the new concept of CDs (a lot of cannons and mechincal monsters, yeah).
For the game, I don’t need another army, there are pretty much for Warhammer. Miniatures were pretty cool, but you can also convert a Cathy army and use them with Dogs of War rules (DoW need a rule update much more than we need another army… they are so cool, a great “blank” army). I also saw an awesome Cathy army based on Bretons long time ago (I think in the Black Gobbo), maybe some of you know which army I mean.
An army book for the “minor armies” would be awesome, just some lists to have officials rules to play and to start a big converting project. But this is not what GW is interessted in, when they don’t produce minis for these armies, this would mean that the players get them from other manufacteurs… so no profit for GW, why should they make rule like that? for the fans? no way! :stuck_out_tongue: