[Archive] *Caution may contain hats* pic heavy


A moderator may want to resize these of they can, they seem a big big and im not great with computers :S

well after many hours and many failed attempts i finally managed to steal my girlfriends camera and get some photos of my lovely curly beards.

the hats in question are golf tees.

c&c welcome. i already know the sheilds need redoing, they have done since i did almost all of them one morning, at about 3. i may have been drunk.

any hints on how to (easily) do my bases are most welcome.

appologies to snotling for basically stealing his sorcerers. they were just TOO cool.


my 1st ever serious conversion. for some reason this wont go the right way round. try holding your head at 90 degrees.

my sorcerers. appologies again to snotling.

the closest thing i have to a hero at the moment.

old school unit.

new school units

random models i like

Hobgoblins :slight_smile:

let me know what you think. any questions will be answered.


looking good and I don’t think al shield needs to be redone, but some can use a repaint


The beards need a light drybrush using an equal mix of grey and black. If this comes out too grey do a wash of watered down black until it looks right.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

What happened to the faces of the hobgoblins? If there are scarf-like thingies, you might not want to paint them as green as the faces…


What happened to the faces of the hobgoblins? If there are scarf-like thingies, you might not want to paint them as green as the faces...

Ishkur Cinderhat
I was going to say the same thing.

Excellent start!! Loving what I am seeing so far, keep it up!!

Kera foehunter:

what did you use to make your tallhats caustic

i like the color of the cds


I assume they’re kerchiefs to keep out the sand and the ash? Seems fluffy.


great hobbos Caustic! and golf tees! wow! that’s awesome! I thought pushpins were original… golf tees take the cake I think!

they’re looking good. great start to your army.


Ta muchly, the shields vary greatly, im probably gonna wait to get each unit up to 20 before i redo them. just to try and get some consistancy across the board.

thanks for the beard hint. my latest experiment has been washing black over grey as im better with washes but ill give it a try at some stage, itld sure be quicker than going back over all the others.

yeah theyre meany yo be scarfs, i think im gonna make them a dirty grey/brown. again not sure what colour really.

and yes golf tees ftw.

Kera foehunter:

great idea with the golf tee!!!

another star for sojourn !!! how many that 19


Perhaps “tighten up” the black icons on the shields to make the lines more crisp?

Its also funny that you mention gold tees. My first stab at my blundies was with gold tees becore I settled on Wizzbang’s method.


that was the plan for when i get round to it. probably not for a while, sadly its not the most interesting part of converting or painting :stuck_out_tongue:

whats the whizzbang method?

more pics should follow at some stage (when i can once again steal a camera), hopefully soonish. ive just about finished 8 great weapon conversions from the bfsp miners. taking the unit up to a battle ready 20 >:D


In all things “search” is your friend:


Viskar Zhragoth:

Very Cool Caustic. As a golfer, gotta say, like the tees! Cool concept. As far as the face cloaks on your hobgobbos, try to find pics of the red gobbo’d rebel gobbos from Gorka Morka…there is a picture of a two gun-wielding goblin that might give you painitng ideas and converting ideas for your scarves…he is basically a desert dog gobbo…

he is pictured to the right on this page:


you might have to find a better picture, but it might give you a better idea on how to drape the green stuff around it.

hope that helps, and can’t wait to see more!