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well im looking for help to create a 1500 pts army of CD, i have 24 dwarf warriors, 20 thunderers, 2 cannons w/crew, 16 miners and a runesmith, i havent turn them into CD they are from the BFSP, im working on that but i’ll like to hear some advices before i started to convert my dwarfs so i’ll know wath to do, thanks!! :cheers

edit:i also have the goblins for the BFSP

Gar Shadowfame:

Usualy (ravening hordes list) only playable option was porn-defence with helluva shooting. With Indy list close combat became quite viable.

From BFSK everything is usefull, goblins as rabble (50 pts for unit of 20 thats does great job as charge benders), Miners are great as hammer unit due to great weapons they have, ordinary dwarfs can be converted in quite tough (2+ save sic!) anvil unit. Cannons can get converted into deathrockets (very resembling) or semi prox of earthshaker.

If u preffer defensive army, start with blunderbusses, and deathrockets + get some goblin bolt throwers, and convert cart thats in BFSK box into eruption gun.


Wiki attack: [[sample Army Lists]]


i think in something like this, it is at 1500 pts aprox:

24 CD warriors

20 CD blunderbusses

20 hobgoblins w/spear

20 hobgoblins w/bow

1 death rocket

1 earthshaker

16 obsidian guards

1 deamonsmith

a total of–> 1120 pts

what else can i add to have a 1500 pts army???  :cheers


What about Bolt throwers and another bloc of Chaos Dwarfs!

And not to forget Bull Centaurs!

So IMO there are enough options to make your CD Force bigger and more powerful!



im new here, lol whats IMO??

Gar Shadowfame:

imo-in my oppinion

imho-in my honest oppinion


sorry, english is not my first language, i thought it was another unit of CD lol thanks