[Archive] CD bikeriders as bull centaurs?


ive been thinking about buying some biker boys and convert em to have dwarf bikers do you think its a good idea or is it doomed from the start?


Seems interesting. Add some crude metal, or use the 40K ork bikes!

Kera foehunter:

i think a bunch of tall hat biker would be cool!   so are you building your army around them jolis
a sorta biker raiding army would be a cool army !! but i don’t know if the fit well with a regular cd army

but if they where a patrol army of the waist land that would just some idea to fit them in to your army


i’ve been thinking about orc bike riders and get some really bike looking dwarfs making one have a hat that flies´of and he turns around to catch it. i’ll remove allorky bits and chaosify the bikes

ok its officaly on my to do list cheers:cheers