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I’ts been years since the last time I paint GW. As you can see, I’m not good at it. Still, I’ve loved those assyrian freaks since I saw them and I’m not trying to compete with some of the great miniatures we can find here. So here they are. More will come, slowly.

My version of Rykarth and two old wargames foundry “afghans” I’ve used as vesperos vendettas a couple of times. I’m still looking for some background that justifie their presence in a CD army.

Coments are most welcome.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



i wouldnt put it down obviously it doesnt hold up on extreme close photos - i have the same problem, but based and in a regiment i think it would be pretty striking on a battlefield.


interessting mini, but the skin and the metal need a brown and black wash!



My very very old Astragoth, a runesmith and my first converted dwarf thunderers with an unfinished standart. I’ trying to convert beards but until now I have failed miserably.

Thommy H:

The base-coating on the command group is looking really smooth - if you’re not confident about your painting abilities, that’s really the first step. Practice makes perfect, so I hope to see some more of your stuff as time goes on.


Don’t worry practice will make everything better. One bit of advice is to thin down your paints with water so they are smoother.


A work in progress engineer. Im trying to make a flame thrower with the back pack from the skaven globadiers.


looking cool

Kera foehunter:

great job on the hats!!!

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I agree, nice to see some big hats again. :hat Really good job :hat off


Heres something that do not fit in the indutrial CD fluff. But it fit nicely in the mesopotamian background. I will try to use it as a mercenery ogre.

And my afghan duelists unit.


Nice, and I wouldn’t be put off about the paint hey, I’d prefer a “non-'eavy metal” painted army, to an unpainted army. I only play against the (few) players at my club with painted armies. You’ll get better, and they aren’t looking bad as it is. Keep it up! Are the Afghan models still in production?



The afghans are available in the indian range from wargames foundry. I consider them to be some of the grestest minis in the market. I think some of them were made by Perry.


Snotling beat me to it, but it’s the same advice Vexxus always gives me… add a wash!

I like the metallics though! :slight_smile: maybe dull the white on the skull a little too… bone wouldn’t be so bleached looking (I would imagine) :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Thanks for the the link Ashur!!!

Legends of the high sea And pirate figures Wow that the best link ever


Ive already put this someplace else.

Kera foehunter:

Ash !that’s a super cool banner.great colors


Nice looking banner conversions. I’ll be working on one or two of those myself. To add to the advise, if its okay, if you’re interested in washes, you should check out Army Painter Dark Tone, and Soft Tone. They’re really nice to work with, and as long as you thin your paints and dilute your washes they do a nice job. GW makes Lahmian Medium which is supposed to help one thin their paints without losing depth of colour.


I too like your banners. Well done Sir.


Thank you for your comments people. Hashut be with you! :hat off