[Archive] CD Come 4th at Winter Incursion


I think we're missing the most important thing here: I'm hearing about all these K'daai and so on that you're using but we haven't seen any models. If I wanted to hear how effective units were based on other people playing games instead of me, I'd post on Warseer, and then I'd go and shoot myself.

Thommy H
I do agree, where is Baggronor's Kdaii?!?! ;)

Perhaps you'll have to wait for GH XVI :rolleyes:

Congrats Bagg, nice seeing CDs ranking this high. Well done.


So now that you've played it in a competitive tournament, what would you say? Would you suggest some FAQ/changes? Would you comp the K'daai? If it nearly singlehandedly won you the match on several of those games, it probably needs to have something happen.
D'you know what? After a dozen games, I actually think its fine now lol. The reason it did so well was because most of my opponents had brought no chaff to divert it or simply used the chaff badly. One of the DE players, for example, had 2 units of 7 Witch Elves; instead of marching them up to it at angles and forcing it to charge them and overrun into the far distance, he charged it... so yeah, kinda his fault really. He could easily have diverted it all game and 6-dice-mindrazored my IG to death with his corsairs for a billion VPs. Instead the Destroyer ended up with an open-goal charge on his lv4's bunker turn 2.

The HE guy made the right move under the circumstances; he went, 'Screw it' and just let the Destroyer do its worst while he 6-dice-mindrazored the IG to death. For a billion VPs. We drew, about 3 models left standing at the end, it was an awesome game.

The WE guy was a very good player. He also diverted it carefully, but couldn't stop me shooting the Treemen dead (nice big targets for the Deathshriekers) and couldn't make a dent in the IG without them, so I got him on VPs.

The Ogre player was good, but underestimated just how tough the IG are. Also, he fell for the Crown of Command trap - I let him charge my Lv4's bunker with his Irongut deathstar, then flanked him with the big IG unit and cast boosted Breath of Hatred. He didn't have the Crown of Command himself (I knew, as it was an open list tournament) so got run down.

Against my OnG opponent, I got unlucky and failed six 4+ wards in a row lol. So he only had to lose his Warboss on wyvern to the Destroyer. After that it was a mexican stand-off between the IG and the Savage Orc Big'uns. He didn't want to risk combat (very Orcy :~) so I charged but kept failing the roll. Draw. Stupid M3 :)

The other DE guy had a dancing/shooting fast cav and skirmishers list. He couldn't kill the IG units, couldn't kill the destroyer and couldn't hit the artillery (it was behind the IG). Not my fault that he brought a stupid army ;)

So 4 wins and 2 draws.

I'll take pics of the Destroyer for this weekend, I'll be saving the K'Daai for the contest :)


Yes. He's quite a prominent one.

Thommy H
Yes he is indeed. :) I am feeling a little silly for not knowing that.


Cheers for the reports.

Can’t wait to see your models for the Kdaii after seeing the rest of your army.