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Hi all.

Although I don�t play Chaos Dwarfs anymore, I still want to share the painted figures and conversions that I created some time ago. Hopefully they will inspire any new CD generals out there and make someone start a new CD army. CDs should never be faded away, they are one of the most original/themed armies in the whole Warhammer game. Hopefully someday GW will realize this and publish them again.

Now the few piccies.

Unit of 20 CD warriors, made from Chronopian dwarves.

Unit 15 Blunderbusses, with some filler on the center. Made from old chaos warrior heads, dwarf bodies and Empire militia blunderbusses.

Goblah Khans hobgoblins, just to show how thay will fit in.

Finally, oldie goldie. Death Rocket with crew. Blends well with newer stuff IMO.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Hashut’s Blessing:

Awesome painting and I like the cannon that is a filler. So, what made you stop with the Chaos Dwarfs?


Thank you so much for signing up and showing your support! These pics will be archived here for all new Chaos Dwarf generals to see!

That Chronopian dwarves unit is cool!��I love the guy in the front with the mask.


I dropped the dwarfs after some abysmal gaming experiences and, at the same time, getting rather good offer from the whole army. I still had few armies unpainted at closet, so I think that the time weas right to sell the littel buggers. Still miss �em sometimes.


i really like the hobgoblins

Hashut’s Blessing:

If you miss them, start up again. Good and proper (great English HB…) and you may do much better this time!


Great models, really unique. Not hard to see why someone would make a strong bid for them! :hat


Chronotopian dwarfs are very cool, are there others like them?

I like the cannon filler, good idea.


whyed you sell em man