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UPDATE: Beastmen now on ebay. Bidding starts from £5.99 with free P&P. Click here to go to the auction! (SOLD!)

Hello! :hat off

I’ve been selling a lot of my old unwanted Warhammer and other bits and pieces I’ve come by on ebay for the past few months (check out my profile here), but I thought I should let you guys know in advance (to make offers, or to grab something before it goes out for public bidding) about what I have left to offer, or what else I’l come by! :slight_smile:

First things first, Chaos Dwarf related stuff!

Also on offer is the original Chaos Dwarf army book, which I’d like you guys to see here first, because I know how extortionist the prices are on ebay for the book!

Plus everything else seen in this picture is on offer (accept the “How To Paint” book which is meant to be the “How To Paint Space Marines” but I put the wrong one down :~ )

A small Beastman force, with two classic Minotaurs and Doombull.

A random assortment of Pre-Slotta miniatures. I had tracked down most of them were from, but I didn’t save the information, so I shall look up again!

Aaaaand finally, a horde of 4th/5th edition Dark Elves.

Since there’s so many of them, I shall post the pictures and let you pick what you see.

Thanks for having a look, and let me know if you are interested in any individual miniatures or groups of them. Cheers! :cheers


PM Sent!

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Chaos Dwarf Army book sold!


Bump for update on Beastmen.

Click here to go to the auction!


Bump for new items for sale!

Beastmen sold, as well as How To Paint Space Marines, and the Wood Elves and Skaven army books.

For sale now: Citadel Pre Slotta + Ral Partha x23 Bundle

x12 Classic Metal Dark Elves Crossbowmen

x13 Classic Plastic Dark Elf Swordsmen with shields