[Archive] CD only?


Would it be effective to have a pure CD army with no hob? I like the whole idea of having a bunch of very squatty chaos warriors:). could you have an army that looks kinda like this?

Dwarf Hero

a few chaos dwarf warriors

a few blunderbusses

death rockets

and just a TON of bull centaurs :slight_smile:

Would this be even worth it? or do you need the screen units?

Ancient History:

Well, the problem with a pure CD army is that you’re basically reduced to Dwarf tactics-and CDs are more expensive than Dwarfs. You’ll always be outnumbered and, except for the Bull Centaurs, out maneuvered.


I always played pure CD and it worked fine for me. I played with them in the Dutch GT a couple of years back and became 48 out of 108. Not to bad, especially considering I also played against two powerplayers…


it is possible to play (and win) with a CD-only army, although i wouldn´t recommend it to CD-beginners due to reasons of immobility and fragility, and i addition, it does lack many the wonderful and colorful tactical options the hobbos add to the army…

I myself love seeing only-CD themed armies, especially big-hatted, because they really look beautiful on the battlefield, but gamewise, i prefer a well-mixed force - its simply more fun to play with IMHO :slight_smile:


I took a pure Chaos Dwarf list the the core comp tourney in Chicago. It worked well, even though I’m kinda a newbie. If you do, I highly recommend splitting the rare choices. Having a unit of Bull Centaurs and an Earth shaker was nice.

I also had a Great Taurus, but I think that still fits the theme.

It can be done, but it might work better with two earthshakers. It might be cruel, but slowing down the enemy (and stopping shooting) especially if you march block them with Great Taurus or Lammsu is sweet. Especially if you magic and shoot them to death with rockets/earthshakers/blunderbuss. It might also rely on points denial to a degree.