[Archive] CD resolute/ Dwarf resolute


If I am not mistaking, Dwarfs got resolute that gives them +1 S when charging. Our resolute is something else. Is this problematic? Or have I read the whole thing wrong?


You’re right, because LoA’s Dwarfy special rules was naturally modelled upon the Dwarfs of that time. Now those Dwarfs have changed, whilst Chaos Dwarfs stays in queue in the update cycle.

I don’t think it’s problematic, since the old Dwarf rules worked fine. It’s nothing different to the special rules differences which existed (and still exist for Wood Elves) between the Elf armies. Eventually, all three of them will get ASF, just not immediately.

It’d still be nice to see an update to CDs and their Resolute rule not too soon in the future, though.


After having heard a pal of mine’s critiscism about the lack of a “red thread” (“röd tråd” in Swedish, or coherent theme) through WHFB and especially 40k I guess he also would have a point about this.

His complaint was mainly that GW’s major changes to armies don’t seem to be planned and coordinated prior to each edition (although the edition rules are), with odd discrepancies between armies’ special rules. There was something about Eldar and Dark Eldar which I can’t remember, and then there could have been an edition errata to give Wood Elves ASF in 8th since the other Elves did get it.

Though FW is somewhat removed from GW’s rules development process, I guess you have more of a point than I first thought, Yodrin. The discrepancy is problematic, and should preferrably be solved by an errata bringing CD’s Dwarfy special rules in line with their cousin army. Especially since an update to the army list is far off in the future.


Agreed, each army seems to be developed in a vacuum, based on whims. It’s nothing new though, they’ve been doing it since 6th editiion.