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Ancient History:

Hey y’all,

Long time ago I ran across a short story that featured a group Chaos Dwarfs and Brettonians. One of the Brettonians went over to the Chaos Dwarf’s tents to parley, which by Chaos Dwarf tradition was done while drinking copious amounts of beer. Eventually the Brettonian envoy wanders back to his own camp and tells his lord that they’re going to settle their differences with a joust in the morn. Of course, the Chaos Dwarfs use a bull centaur instead of a guy on a horse.

Anyway, I have never been able to find hide or hair of this story since I remembered it, and it bugs the bejeezus out of me. Anybody familiar with this short story and able to point me toward where it was written down?


not even slightly, but if you find it send it to me!


Never heard of it, but link us to it when you do find it! (Never give up, never surrender?)

Pyro Stick:

Heres the only one i have seen. I found it in an old White Dwarf (issue 108) so its about the 3rd edition chaos dwarfs.

“There. That’s where we our assault.” The Witchfinder General pointed to the corner of the Dwarven Fortress. Th wall had collapsed, leaving a ten foot wide gap.

“Captain Blaine, you have the assault. No prisoners, mind. These spawn of darkness are to be put to the sword. Their bodies will be burnt, their towers pulled down and their ashes scattered to the winds!”

“Aye, Sir” Blaine knew he could do it. A Knighthood would be his due.

Now. under a steady rain of crossbow bolts, Blaine was having second tohughts. The breach was still open, but Quickfester Bodmin’s Chaos Dwarfs had moved something into the gap. He couldn’t quite see through the smoke, but Blaine had his suspicions; some sort of cannon, probably. He swallowed. Taking the breach would be hard enough against crossbow fire, but to walk down the barrel of a Cannon!

There was a loud explosion, and a gout of flame filled the breach. Men fell, torn and shocked by a hail of metal and stones. There was a ringing blow on Blaine’s helmet.

He had been right - a gun of some sort, another fiendish creation of the foul Chaos Dwarfs. Blaine reached up and pulled a gold coin, still warm from being fired from the gun, out of his plume helmet. He shook his head, partly out of sheer disbelief at his luck, partly to clear it. Then he realised that the gun had fired too soon.

“Up and at them, my lad’s” Blaine’s eyes measured the distance to the breach. His company would be there before the Choas Dwarfs could possibly load and fire again. "Attack! Attack! WITH ME!"

His men panted as they scrambled over the rubble in the breach. They were inside the walls. The Chaos Dwarfs at the gun adjusted their aim slightly. Blaine frowned. They hadn’t moved from the gun. They were ready to fire again!

"Oh sh-"

The Chaos Dwarf swivel gun roared once more. There would be no knighthood for Blaine.

Kera foehunter:

well thanks pyro for that .