[Archive] CD Skullcraker


I am rather new (again) to the CD, having last played them in 5th and for a few games in 6th (via Ravening Hordes).

But I picked them up again a few months ago and have been going strong since. I have played several games and have a few questions for those with a little more experience with this army than myself.

I purchased both the Iron Deamon and Skullcracker and have played both together in every game. I have read some pretty negative comments in regards to the Skullcracker, but I have had nothing but success with it. I am interested if anyone else has run both together and had the same kind of synergy that I have experienced. :hat off


IDs do work better in multiples, however I find they don’t earn back enough VPs for it to be viable in under 3k. Only being able to charge in a straight line is still a huge problem.

Welcome to the forum btw :cheers


I think the main problem with the skullcracker compared to the Iron Daemon is that without a gun, it relies 100% of combat. With the limited charge arc and weakness to cavalry, it can be easily countered. But if you get it into a juicy target it’ll work wonders!

Fuggit Khan:

I am rather new (again) to the CD, having last played them in 5th and for a few games in 6th (via Ravening Hordes)

Welcome! Good to see another Ravening Hordes old school player :hat off
As for the Skullcracker, I think it comes down to how how you play, other units you deploy (and where) and obviously what army you are going up against. Personally I prefer the Skullcracker with the extra D6 hits over the "naked" Iron Daemon. But it has its limitations for charging in a straight line and thunderstomp won't work against all enemies. Using them in pairs with one about 6-8 inches on either side of a K'Daai Destroyer will ruin most opponents day. The K'Daai can charge as it likes and then the Skullcrackers can go in after that (with an impressive 4D6+4 strength 7 impact hits between them both), and use the Skullcrackers as unbreakable redirectors for the Destroyers flanks.