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In Germany possibly soon a stories competition will take place. Up to now it is to be permitted only planned German stories. Should want to make sufficient English-language Members with. The competition is possibly expanded on English stories.

There is to also be nice prices.

Pyro Stick:

Heres a translation of the page for anyone who is interested:


Anyway, I thought short stories were going to be integrated into the artisans contest? If so, then there isnt going to be much point in having a second story contest.


Its on the list of possible considerations.


OK, the German Contest is sure, but what is with a English Contest?

I think a Contest need at least 7participant. If 7english members report to write a story I will arrange a secont English storycontest.

Thommy H:

I’ll do it.

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I actually wrote a story earlier I would be happy to enter in this.  I was just going to put it on the forum.

As Willmark said this is one of the things being considered for an artisans (starting 1st july), so IF we went with that as a theme it might mean not so many people would enter your one.  There are plenty of other themes we could do, and it may not even be an artisan’s like any of the previous ones (we have something a bit special we could do).  So I would just ignore what we’re doing here and run your competition as normal.  Anyone who can write decent stories can write more than one in a month (mine took about half an hour). :wink:

So count me in either way, either for your competition or for artisans story contest.  My story meets all the criteria. Unless it was cheating I could write more than one. :slight_smile:

If we get 7 people can you run it on Chaos Dwarfs Online Glorin?  It could be decided by a poll.


Yes we can the english part of the Contest hold a poll in this Forum. (I’ll act on your advice. But it’ll be foredoomed, if it unbacked of Members of this forum.)


Well your german one will be limited due to simple logistics; many more people speak English.

But by all means take it and run with it.


I would like to have a story contest. Or more accurately a writing contest, with things such as scientific descriptions, stories, and thing like that being entered.

Kera foehunter:

i"ll pass there 7 more people here that better than me. here at the site


Ok one, the English Contest is held here, the German in Germany. For the German I have now already the first sponsors. It would be well if someone in England something also look around could. Do not know too many English dealers and me becomes it expensively more than 1CD-Unit sponsors. (1Sponsore I for the German Contest.)


The contest ist ending today.


Depending on length, I might do so.

Kera foehunter:

oop can you tell us when there be another one Glorin