[Archive] CD vs Night Goblins - 1200 points


Last night played this game as part of a mighty empires campaign - little odd being only 1200 points but my list was

Chaos Dwarf Hero - Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Shield


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors with standard and musician (deployed 5 * 5)

15 Blunderbusses with standard (deployed 3 * 5)

15 Blunderbusses with standard (deployed 3 * 5)

5 Bull Centaurs with Heavy Armour

1 Bull Centaur Hero with heavy armour, Great Weapon, Shield and Gauntlets

4 Bolt Throwers

3 * 20 Hobgoblins

His List

2 Snotling pumpwagons

12 Spider riders with full command

1 squig herd with 9 squigs and 6 handlers

1 snotling swarm of 4 bases

2 large units (40 ish) Night Goblins with 3 fanatics and nets each

Night goblin shaman

Night goblin boss

Deployment was as shown below

Night Goblins (top - left to right)

Spider Riders, Pump Wagon 1, Squig Herd, Night Goblins with Boss, Night Goblins with Shaman (behind) Snotlings, Pump Wagon 2

Chaos Dwarves (bottom - left to right)

Blunderbuss unit 1, Bolt Thrower 1, Bolt Thrower2, Hobgoblin unit 1, Blunderbuss unit 2, Hobgoblin unit 2 Bolt thrower 3, Bolt Thrower 4, Chaos Dwarf Warrriors with General, Hobgoblin unit 3, Bull Centaurs with BC Hero

The night Goblin player got first turn

Turn 1  - Night Goblins

All units passed thier animosity tests, the Spider Riders advanced into the woods on the left, Pump Wagon 1 and the Squig Herd moved forward on the other side of the woods - both units of Night Goblins and the Snotlings advanced in the middle and Pump Wagon 2 moved onto the base of the hill.

All magic was dispelled and their was no combat or shooting

Turn 1 - Chaos dwarves

All Hobgoblins passed their animosity (must have been the prospect of getting more Night Goblin slaves for their masters),  The Bull Centaurs charge Pump Wagon 2 on the hill which holds. The rest of the line advances with the Hobgoblins on the left moving up to act as bait to the Squig Herd.

In the shooting phase Bolt Throwers 1 and 2 destroy Pump Wagon 1, whilst the other pair of Bolt Throwers kill 2 of the Night Goblin unit with the Shaman. Blunder buss unit 2 shoots at the Squig Herd and kills 3 handlers and 3 squigs.

In the combat phase the Bull Centaurs destroy Pump Wagon 2 and decide not to overrun but stay safely on the hill knowing they are immune to fanatics on it.

At the end of Turn 1 all was going to plan - the fast movers had been destroyed - the Squig Herd had been diminished and Hobgoblin units 1 and 2 where positioned to pull the Squig Herd of into a random direction

Turn 2  - Night Goblins

All units passed thier animosity tests, except the Spider Riders who sat in the woods arguing amongst themselves.

The Snotlings charged Hobgoblin unit 2 who held (they where only snotlings after all) - whilst the Squig Herd charged Hobgoblin unit 1 - who fled through Bolt Thrower 2 which passed its panic test and left the Squig Herd with a failed charge sitting in front of Blunderbuss unit 2 . The 2 large Night Goblin units swiveled slightly to prevent a flank charge from the Bull Centaurs.

In the magic phase the Squigs where magically catapulted into Blunderbuss unit 2 who where to close to stand and shoot.

In the combat phase the Squig Herd started to munch on Blunderbuss unit 2 killing 3 of them - however the daughty dwarves struck back with the butts of their weapons and killed a single Squig - this meant that they won combat by 2 (2 ranks, standard, outnumber and a wound, versus 3 wounds). The Squig Herd promptly exploded but did no damage to anyone.

In the middle of the table the Snotlings felled a single Hobgoblin from unit 2, however in reply the Hobgoblins caused 3 wounds - this meant they won combat by  a massive 6( 3 ranks, outnumber and 3 wounds versus a single wound). The Snotlings promptly failed their LD 4 stubborn test and fled with the Hobgoblins in hot pursuit. Sadly the Snotlings legs where just to short and the Hobgoblins ran them down. However this pursuit triggered the release of the fanatics form both Night Goblin units. The result of which was a dead unit of hobgoblins and 2 dead fanatics as shown below.

Turn 2 - Chaos dwarves

Hobgoblin unit 1 fails its rally test and the resulting panic cause Bolt Throwers 1 and 2 to panic, coupled with some high flee rolls all 3 units exit the table. The single remaining Hobgoblin unit passes its animosity test and advances towards the fanatics. The Bull Centaurs edge further onto the hill and position themselves to charge either Night Goblin unit once the cloud of fanatics has been thinned.

The remaining units move forward to close with the enemy.

In the shooting phase the remaining Bolt Throwers kill a further 2 of the Night Goblin unit with the Shaman and both Blunderbuss units are either out of range or cannot see thier intended victims.

Again another good turn - both the Blunderbusses beating of the Squig Herd (proves how important it is to thin the enemy before contact) and the Snotling killing, fanatic releasing suicidal Hobgoblins in the center meant that there was no distraction from closing and eliminating the main elements of my opponents army. However the loss of the 2 Bolt Throwers on the left side to panic was a bit of a pain.

Turn 3  - Night Goblins

All units passed thier animosity tests, except the Spider Riders who sat in the woods arguing amongst themselves again. The fanatics do their thing resulting in 1 killing himself, 2 ploughing throw the Night Goblin unit with the general killing 4 and this unit being boxed in with fanatic on all sides.

All magic is dispelled / not cast, their is no combat and no shooting

Turn 3 - Chaos dwarves The single remaining Hobgoblin unit passes its animosity test and advances towards the Night Goblin unit surrounded by fanatics. The Bull Centaurs charge the Night Goblins with the Shaman who hold. Blunderbuss unit 1 advances into the wood so it can fill the Spider Riders squabbling their with hot lead and the other units advance towards the Night Goblins with the boss.

In the shooting phase Blunderbuss unit 1 kills 3 of the Spider Riders in the woods  and they pass their panic test. Blunderbuss unit 2 and the remaining Bolt Throwers open up on the Night Goblin unit with boss and kill 12  - they pass their panic test.

In the combat phase the Night Goblins throw thier nets at the Bull Centaurs, miss and net themsleves. The Bull Centaur hero issues a challenge and causes 2 wounds on the champion who accepts killing him - the remainder of the unit kill 3 other Night Goblins and do a wound on the Shaman. The Night Goblins despite doing plenty of hits from their spears fail to wound thanks to needing 6’s due to the nets they are entangled in. The Bull Centaurs win the combat by 1 (6 wounds versus 3 ranks, standard and out number). The Night Goblins fail their test and are run down by the Bull Centaurs. This causes the other Night Goblin unit to flee and take another 4 casualties (and kill) a fanatic.

A bit of a lucky turn  - the Bull Centaurs didn’t get netted and where lucky to break the Night Goblins however the Bunderbuss unit 1 failing to panic the Spider Riders was not good news

Turn 4 - Night Goblins

The fleeing Night Goblins fail to rally and leave the table (effectively sealing the win for me), the Spider Riders however finally pass their animosity test and charge into Blunderbuss unit 1 who are too close to stand and shoot.

The Spider Riders win the resulting combat by 2 and the Blunderbuss Unit fail their break test (i rolled 11) and are run down. At this point my opponent concedes.

All in all i was happy with the game my troops performed as expected and the Bull Centaurs proved once again that they can be game winners - my opponent was unlucky with his animosity rolls on his Spider Riders but this probably saved them from at least 1 more Blunderbuss volley which might have panicked them.

Hope you all enjoy reading it




And then what happened? :slight_smile:


I see how it is…

“Tune in next time…” :slight_smile:

How did everything turn out?


I see how it is...

"Tune in next time..."  :)

How did everything turn out?

Sorry - I was posting it in parts and both of you caught me in the middle of it - hopefuly now you can read it in its glor and let me know your thoughts



Nice win! And I like the way you did the map for each turn. That was pretty cool.