[Archive] CD war machines are weird


Have you noticed all CD warmachines look like cannons, but fire like stone throwers? (exept the hobbo bolt thrower)

It’s weird!

Thommy H:

The Death Rocket isn’t a cannon.


ok…but the Earthshaker and the Hellcannon are

and thr death rocket looks like a cannon (at least some of them do)


I get what your saying. They sure seem weird. If anything we need one more for the list. Perhaps Grim’s smoke mortar idea…

Thommy H:

Well, I believe the Empire mortars use stone thrower rules, don’t they? All mortar-type weapons do, and the Earthshaker is exactly that - it fires upwards in an arc rather than straight forward like a normal cannon.


yeah i agree with thommy - that everything that fires up and over should use stonethrower targeting, whereas the cannon rules really just cover bouncing ball weapons, pretty much just the cannon.